Celebs New Year Celebration 2017

All You Want To Know About Your Favorite Celebs New Year Celebration 2017

Just like every year, celebs new year celebration 2017 made the the last day of 2016 memorable. It was all about vacations in exotic locales, selfies, and celebrations. See how Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus,...
facts about Avril Lavigne

15 Unknown Facts About Avril Lavigne You Should Check

The Canadian singer Avril Lavigne became the heart of the music industry by combining rock and punk in a rebellious style. Though a huge part of Avril’s life has been put on public display,...
Amy From The Big Bang Theory

Unknown facts About Mayim Bialik- Amy From The Big Bang Theory

Mayim Bialik is famous for her role of Amy From The Big Bang Theory. She was born on 12th December 1975 in San Diego, California. Her full name is Mayim Chaya Bialik. Her parents'...
before and after


It is said that what God can’t give you, a doctor usually can. It seems like Hollywood has taken this saying pretty seriously! Most of the Hollywood superstars have gone under the knife to...
Hollywood Villains

Top 5 Hollywood Villains of All Time Who Were More Popular Than Heroes

Hollywood actors who play the role of heroes get all the limelight, but what is a hero without a villain? Villainous characters have generated fear, hatred, and power amongst audiences through the iconic roles...

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