Aamir Khan facts

Less known Aamir Khan facts that will shock you

Aamir Khan’s acting, personality, and expressions make him a unique Bollywood star. From experimenting with stories to choosing unconventional roles, this talented superstar has done it all. You may get tired of reading about Aamir...
Ian Somerhalder facts

20 Ian Somerhalder Facts That You Should Know About

Ian Somerhalder is a famous American actor, model, and director. He is well known for playing Boone Carlyle in the TV series ‘Lost’ and the hot vampire ‘Damon Salvatore’ in The CW’s supernatural drama...
Why Joey Is The Wisest Of All Friends

11 Times When Joey Proved That He Is The Wisest Of All Friends

Wisdom and Joey are like north pole and south pole. He has been portrayed as an innocent idiot that somehow has his way with the ladies. Also, he is considered the dumbest out of...
Taylor Swift breakup makeover

Taylor Swift Breakup Makeover & What You Can Learn From It

Everyone has their own way to deal with a breakup. Some yell and make a fuss about how miserable their life has become, while some sulk in solitary. But Taylor Swift has shown us...
Facts About Cobie Smulders

15 Unknown Facts About Cobie Smulders You Should Check Right Away

Cobie Smulders is one of the most talented actresses of Hollywood. Her role as Robin from How I Met Your Mother is one of the best sit-com characters we've ever had. She went from...

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