Bollywood Movies That Are Copied From Hollywood

Bollywood Movies That Are Copied From Hollywood

On the name of getting inspired, Bollywood ends up plagiarizing Hollywood movies at times. Some of the viewers feel cheated while watching a movie when they realize that they are watching a Bollywood version...
top 10 Shahrukh Khan movies

Top 10 Shahrukh Khan Movies of All Time

Shahrukh Khan has acted in a lot of Hindi films in genres ranging from romantic dramas to action thrillers. In 2005, Government of India honored him with the Padma Shri for his contributions to...
Shahrukh Khan

Top 5 worst Shah Rukh Khan Movies of All Time

Shah Rukh Khan is known as the “King of Bollywood” but acting is a roller-coaster ride at times. Despite the fact that he is a very talented actor, he has given us some movies...
Twilight Movie Mistakes

12 Twilight Movie Mistakes That Went Unnoticed By Viewers

Twilight is a blockbuster romance fantasy film from Summit Entertainment based on the novel of the same name by the American author Stephenie Meyer. No matter how good a movie is, it is never...
Batman movie mistakes

Shocking Batman movie mistakes you should look at right away (1989)

Batman is an American superhero movie directed by Tim Burton and produced by Jon Peters. It is based on the DC Comics character of the same name. However, there are a few mistakes in the...

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