who is azor ahai

Game Of Thrones: Fascinating Theory About Who Is Azor Ahai

Over the past seasons, the storyline of Game of Thrones has taken some interesting turns. Fan's are coming up with various theories every day. But there is this one theory which sounds much more...
Bernadette From The Big Bang Theory

Unknown Facts About Bernadette From The Big Bang Theory

Melissa Rauch is famous for her role of Bernadette Rostenkowski- Wolowitz in one of the most popular sitcoms- The Big Bang Theory. She appeared as the sweet and charming Bernie in season 3 in...

A Whole New Perspective On How HIMYM Isn’t A Copy Of FRIENDS

FRIENDS vs HIMYM! This is something that a sitcom diehard faces time to time. The most common misconception is that How I Met Your Mother is copied from FRIENDS. Both shows are awesome and...
Best Sitcom Couples

11 Best Sitcom Couples You Should Take A Look At

Apart from making us laugh like crazy, sitcoms like Friends, How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory have given us some serious relationship goals over the past few years. Let us...
Teen Wolf Facts

10 Greatest Teen Wolf Facts Even The Biggest Fanatics Don’t Know

You are fascinated by anything that involves supernatural elements then shows like The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Teen Wolf are bound to be on your watch-list. When you watch a show, it kind of...

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