Friends vs How I Met Your Mother

Why ‘FRIENDS’ Is Way Better Than ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Every sitcom fan is familiar with these two series- ‘FRIENDS’ and ‘How I met your mother’. No wonder when you watch two series even slightly similar or of the same genre you automatically tend...
Top 5 Supernatural T.V Shows

Top 5 supernatural T.V Shows You Should Start Watching Right Away

If you get pumped up by just thinking about supernatural elements like vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, monsters, demons and much more, then you must add these T.V shows to your watching list. Let’s take...
Indian Versions of International TV Shows

12 Most Famous Indian Versions of International T.V Shows

The fact that many Indian movie concepts are copied from famous Hollywood movies is quite well known to everyone; however, many of you may not know that even the shows airing on small screen...
Funniest Episodes of The Big Bang Theory

7 Funniest Episodes of The Big Bang Theory

Ever since The Big Bang Theory premiered on small screen, it has made millions of people laugh for countless times. Though it's very difficult to cover all the fun moments of TBBT in one...
Friends Facts

Surprising ‘Friends’ Facts Even The Biggest Fans Don’t Know

It won’t be wrong to say that ‘Friends’ is one of the most appreciated and addicting sitcoms in the history of entertainment. It is natural for fans to look up information about the cast....

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