Ross from FRIENDS

Reasons Why Ross From FRIENDS Is The Worst Character On The Show

For an amazing T.V show like FRIENDS with superb characters, it 's hard to choose your favorite. But with Ross Geller being present, it is certainly not difficult to pick your least favorite. Here...
mistakes on Friends TV show

10 Mistakes On Friends TV Show You Might Not Have Noticed

If you are a diehard fan of one of the best sitcom ever, it is tough to point out any flaws. So, here is a list of mistakes on Friends TV show that you...
interesting Game of Thrones facts

30 Interesting Game of Thrones Facts You Should Checkout Right Away

Those who have been missing the Game of Thrones’s unique blend of action, blood, and dragons will have to wait for the show's return. Till then, here are some less-known yet interesting Game of...
mistakes the liars made in Pretty Little Liars

Biggest Mistakes The Liars Made In Pretty Little Liars

Pretty little liars is all about mind games. No doubt the girls handle even the most dangerous situations with courage. But Hannah, Aria, Emily, Alison and even the smartest of them all- Spencer constantly...
worst FRIENDS couples ever

Top 8 Worst FRIENDS Couples Ever You Should Check Right Away

Although the show is named ‘FRIENDS,' it is a lot about relationships as well. Over the years, all six friends dated a lot of people and gave us some of the funniest FRIENDS episodes. Some...

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