Jason Segal facts

17 surprising Jason Segel facts- Marshall Eriksen from How I Met Your Mother

The comic actor Jason Segel is popularly known as Marshall from his famous Television series How I Met Your Mother. Jason attracted a huge fan following after he starred in How I Met Your...
Who is Uber A

Pretty Little Liars Theory Who is Uber A: 10 reasons why Hanna is AD

Throughout the history of villains in Pretty Little Liars Uber A or AD is the smartest of all the As, the most intense of all the As, the most driven to win the game....
Pretty Little Liars plot holes

Pretty Little Liars plot holes and unnoticed mistakes

Pretty Little Liars is a strange place where you're not sure what's real anymore. The show has given us amazing twists and brain teasers in every single episode. But that doesn’t mean it is...
Wren is AD

Most Shocking Pretty Little Liars Theory: Wren is AD

Pretty Little Liars fans have long suspect Wren of being involved with A. Though he has been fairly M.I.A. on Pretty Little Liars in recent seasons, his name is often dropped by the show...
Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones

16 Awesome Sophie Turner facts – Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones

Sophie Turner is an English actress who is popularly known as Sansa Stark from her role in the very famous HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones. She has an overwhelming fan following for an...

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