Pretty Little Liars worst couples

7 Pretty Little Liars worst couples you should look at right away

Pretty Little Liars has provided viewers with never-ending plotlines and cliffhangers than anyone ever thought possible. The show has also graced us with really amazing couples over the years. But there are some cringe...
Pretty Little Liars who is AD

Pretty Little Liars who is AD: Melissa is Uber A

As Season 7B comes closer, the fans are even more desperate to find out who is AD or who is Uber A.. Almost all the characters are under suspicion now. Could Spencer's sister be...
The Big Bang Theory plot holes

The Big Bang Theory plot holes and unnoticed mistakes

For the writers of any famous T.V series, it's likely they're going to lose track of some of the major and minor events that have happened in the past to the star characters, especially...
Characters Pretty Little Liars

Worst characters Pretty Little Liars ever introduced

In Pretty Little Liars, characters come and go. There are some characters who have made the fans hate their guts. Hats off to the actors, though. It’s the show that has been the bane...
Best of joey and chandler

Best of Joey and Chandler moments on Friends

The entire cast gave us countless amazing moments but nothing beats the scenes when Joey and Chandler are together. One cannot deny about all the beautiful lessons Joey and Chandler's bromance taught us about...

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