Best Rachel Green Moments On FRIENDS

12 Best Rachel Green Moments On FRIENDS You Can’t Afford To Ignore

With her famous 1994 haircut dubbed “The Rachel,” Jennifer Aniston inspired a generation of admirers and followers who adored best Rachel Green moments on FRIENDS until the very end of the ten-year run of...
Worst couples of The Vampire Diaries

5 Worst couples of The Vampire Diaries You Need To Know About

Putting the supernatural stuff aside, The Vampire Diaries is mostly about relationships. While there are friendships we love and couples we’d die to see together, there are breakups that relieve us. Here is a...
Pretty Little Liars Lucas

Top 15 Reasons That Prove Pretty Little Liars Lucas Is Uber A

There have been many theories about who could be Uber A or A.D since the liars came back to Rosewood. Though the show has set up many suspects to cross off the list, there...
Alison Is Carrying Emily’s Baby

5 Reasons That Will Make You Believe That Alison Is Carrying Emily’s Baby

Alison could potentially be pregnant with Emily's baby. Sounds weird, right? Some of you might say that it is biologically impossible. Well, in PLL nothing is impossible as the episodes are always filled with...
Ross from FRIENDS

Reasons Why Ross From FRIENDS Is The Worst Character On The Show

For an amazing T.V show like FRIENDS with superb characters, it 's hard to choose your favorite. But with Ross Geller being present, it is certainly not difficult to pick your least favorite. Here...

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