5 Must Watch American Sitcoms

Top 5 Must Watch American Sitcoms

A situation comedy, or sitcom, is a genre of comedy centered on characters who share a common environment, such as a home or workplace, with often humorous dialogue. America has produced some of the...
TVD Deaths

Tragic TVD Deaths: 5 Characters on TVD Who Should Have Never Died

Deaths and resurrections are a common phenomenon in TV Series The Vampire Diaries. But there are some characters whose death is devastating for the fans. Here is a list of some tragic TVD deaths,...
Teen Wolf Facts

10 Greatest Teen Wolf Facts Even The Biggest Fanatics Don’t Know

You are fascinated by anything that involves supernatural elements then shows like The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Teen Wolf are bound to be on your watch-list. When you watch a show, it kind of...
leonard and penny

Reasons Why Leonard And Penny Are The Worst Couple On The Big Bang Theory

This is going to sound awful to those who have been shipping Leonard And Penny since The Big Bang Theory started. Although a nerd scoring a hot blond sounds exciting, there are many reasons...
Walking Dead terrible

The Walking Dead Terrible Episodes Of All Time That Were Absolutely Worthless To Watch

Every TV show has its pros and cons. The best episodes remind us why we started watching the show and the worst make us wonder why we are still watching it. Here is the...

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