valyrian steel dagger

5 Arya Stark Theories That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

The long wait for Game Of Thrones season 8 has begun. Although it is difficult to be patient for so long, it gives us time to speculate what the endgame is going to be....
Pretty Little Liars seasons

List of Pretty Little Liars seasons ranked from best to worst

Each season of Pretty Little Liars has tons of episodes that the fans don’t forget. Although it is very difficult to decide which season is the best, this is a list of Pretty Little...
Friends vs How I Met Your Mother

Why ‘FRIENDS’ Is Way Better Than ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Every sitcom fan is familiar with these two series- ‘FRIENDS’ and ‘How I met your mother’. No wonder when you watch two series even slightly similar or of the same genre you automatically tend...
Pretty Little Liars who is AD

Pretty Little Liars who is AD: Melissa is Uber A

As Season 7B comes closer, the fans are even more desperate to find out who is AD or who is Uber A.. Almost all the characters are under suspicion now. Could Spencer's sister be...
The Prince That Was Promised

Shocking Theory About The Prince That Was Promised

Azor Ahai is one of the most legendary figures in Game Of Thrones. He was known to be the hero who fought against the darkness that lay over the world. Thousands of years ago,...

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