Pretty Little Liars seasons

List of Pretty Little Liars seasons ranked from best to worst

Each season of Pretty Little Liars has tons of episodes that the fans don’t forget. Although it is very difficult to decide which season is the best, this is a list of Pretty Little...
Friends vs How I Met Your Mother

Why ‘FRIENDS’ Is Way Better Than ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Every sitcom fan is familiar with these two series- ‘FRIENDS’ and ‘How I met your mother’. No wonder when you watch two series even slightly similar or of the same genre you automatically tend...
Ned Stark is alive

5 Strong Speculations That Will Make You Believe Ned Stark Is Alive

To lose your head is a surefire way to be classed as dead on any TV show. But, what if that wasn't actually Ned Stark who was beheaded in front of everyone? As crazy...
Pretty Little Liars Theory

Pretty Little Liars Theory: Reasons Why Aria Could Be ‘AD’

I know that most of the PLL fans were dissatisfied when Cece Drake was declared as ‘A’ in season 6. None of it made any sense and left too many questions and loose ends,...
Alison Is Carrying Emily’s Baby

5 Reasons That Will Make You Believe That Alison Is Carrying Emily’s Baby

Alison could potentially be pregnant with Emily's baby. Sounds weird, right? Some of you might say that it is biologically impossible. Well, in PLL nothing is impossible as the episodes are always filled with...

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