worst FRIENDS couples ever

Top 8 Worst FRIENDS Couples Ever You Should Check Right Away

Although the show is named ‘FRIENDS,' it is a lot about relationships as well. Over the years, all six friends dated a lot of people and gave us some of the funniest FRIENDS episodes. Some...
reasons to watch Game of Thrones

Top 18 Reasons To Watch Game of Thrones [Season 07 Premier Date Inside]

It can be said without any doubt that Game of Thrones is the most watched Television series at present. There are many reasons to watch Game of Thrones which make it stand out among...
worst HIMYM character

12 Strong Facts Proving Why Ted Is The Worst HIMYM Character

Now you might be asking “How can you hate Ted Mosby when you are a How I Met Your Mother fan? He’s just looking for love in the big city. Isn’t that something we...
Why Klaus and Caroline Are The Best Couple

8 Reasons Why Klaus and Caroline Are The Best Couple Ever

After seven seasons of The Vampire Diaries, it’s correct to say that most characters have dated each other, but Caroline Forbes pretty much takes the trophy when it comes to the variety of love...
Spencer has a twin

PLL Theory: Proofs That Spencer Has A Twin

We all know that PLL Season 7 finale has left us in awe. There are so many questions apart from who is A.D running in our minds. Spencer having a twin or not is...

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