Reasons Why Leonard And Penny Are The Worst Couple On The Big Bang Theory


This is going to sound awful to those who have been shipping Leonard And Penny since The Big Bang Theory started. Although a nerd scoring a hot blond sounds exciting, there are many reasons why this couple isn’t the best. Let us take a look at some reasons why Leonard and Penny as a couple on TBBT seem forced.leonard and penny

Why Leonard And Penny Are The Worst Couple On TBBT

1. The first reason that bringing Leonard And Penny together isn’t a great idea is the predictability. It’s a T.V show, so they had to meet a criteria for the story. Despite having nothing in common, the showrunners decided to bring them together just for the sake of providing a happy ending to the viewers. There was no real spark nor chemistry between the two of them at any point in their relationship.

2. They don’t actually love each other. Leonard And Penny are only together because he fawned all over her looks and she wanted some security or a change from the type of dumb guys she used to date. It was kind of an overcompensation.

3. Penny didn’t deserve Leonard in the first place. From the beginning of their relationship, Leonard is the only one who has made an effort. Penny always remained ignorant and cold. While he left no stone unturned to make her happy, kept on believing that it was his duty. At one point she even said this out loud that it was Leonard’s job to make her happy where all she had to do was let him make her happy in every possible way. She acts as if she settled for a guy below her league but the truth is that Leonard is way out of her league. He is smart, sensitive and actually cares about other people’s feelings. All she has is a stunning body and good looks that are going to fade away with time, Leonard’s knowledge and wisdom won’t. She bragged about making more money than him when she did, completely overlooking the fact that it was Leonard who helped her out in times of need when didn’t have anyone. He gifted her a car, for crying out loud!

4. This relationship between Leonard And Penny gives a really bad and unfair message. “If a girl is hot, she can just toy around with people’s feelings. If a guy is a nerd, scoring a sexy blonde is a prize!” Penny has always gone out of her way to insult Leonard. In many episodes, we have seen that she makes Leonard feel that she is out of his league and he is bound to make her happy. Penny behaves as if she did Leonard a favor by marrying him and now he is supposed to be her puppet for the rest of his life.

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5. Leonard And Penny are kind of unrealistic. It sure sounds romantic that two people who are completely different are bound together by love, but its just a matter of time Penny finds a new boy toy and divorces Leonard for good.

leonard and penny

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So, how many of you agree with the fact that TBBT is just forcing Leonard and Penny together just to give a fairy-tale ending? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. I ship Leonard and Amy, and Penny and Sheldon.

    Think about it. Leonard and Amy are kind people who like to please their partners. They respect each others’ work, and have fun together. The actors have chemistry, probably leftover from their Blossom days. Leonard and Penny don’t respect each others’ interests or have any in common.

    Penny doesn’t seem bothered by Sheldon’s rude remarks, she brushes them off as the BS they are, while Amy gets hurt. Penny knows how to manage Sheldon, and is genuinely affectionate with him. She brings out the best in him. They compliment each other, and even though he puts her down a lot he respects her in a way he doesn’t the other characters.

  2. I actually think they dont love each other and they have no IRL chemistry and it shows. So many odd episodes, Leonard telling penny he thinks shes not good enough to become a famous actress bc being beautiful and talented is common in the acting industry. Penny hooking up and almost sleeping with raj in season 5. Leonard falling in love with all the women who look his way. He makes fun of her for being stupid a lot.