10 Best The Big Bang Theory Episodes That Never Get Old


There is this incredible quality about situation comedies. Every sitcom has some episodes that you can watch again and again and laugh as hard as you did the first time. Keeping this in mind, let us take a look at 10 Best The Big Bang Theory episodes that never get old.

  1. “The Middle Earth Paradigm” — S01E06

This episode is one of the Best The Big Bang Theory Episodes. It shows the Party night at Penny’s apartment. All the gang members just show off their interest to dress up with a mixed reaction. In this late-night party, Leonard and Penny have their first kiss and Raj shares his bed with a random girl. The overall very funny moment is also in this episode. It shows the struggle of the core group going through from previous seasons.

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  1. “The Barbarian Sublimation” — S02E03

This is one of Penny’s Best The Big Bang Theory Episodes episodes ever. Penny basically gets upset in her personal as well as professional life. She is obsessed with a game “Age of Conan” and also keeps bugging Sheldon all the time how to get into next level. This episode shows a warm and funny relationship of Sheldon and Penny. This episode contains a lot of hilarious moments.

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  1. “The Panty Piñata Polarization” — S02E07

This episode is filled with lots of funny moments and is one of the Best The Big Bang Theory Episodes. It shows sweet revenge stories of Sheldon and Penny. Due to many behavioral strikes, Sheldon deports Penny from their Apartment. And Penny is not ready to apologize SAhe just playing a prank war with Sheldon. She disturbed him by telling that she touched his food items. Sheldon block Penny to use his Wi-Fi. Finally, Penny calls Sheldon’s mom and forces him to apologize.

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  1. “The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis” — S02E11

This is a lovely Christmas episode where Sheldon trying to find out the various gifts for all his friends including Penny. At the time of gift exchange, Penny gifted something which Sheldon could have never been able to imagine. It is a napkin used and signed by Leonard Nimoy. Sheldon hugs Penny which was a rare moment in TBBT.

  1. “The Adhesive Duck Deficiency” — S03E08

This episode is full of hilarious moments and is one of the Best The Big Bang Theory Episodes. All the three friends except Sheldon are gone on a camping trip for watching meteor show. Sheldon decided to stay at home. All the guys at camp enjoy a lot telling each other about their desperate search for food and finally, they got that in Howard’s backpack in the form of I Love You Brisket. On the other side, there is also some hilarity at Sheldon’s apartment. Penny slipped during shower and she badly needed Sheldon’s help to get dressed and go to the hospital. On their return from the hospital, Penny tells Sheldon to sing Soft Kitty.

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  1. “The Einstein Approximation” — S03E14

In this episode, Sheldon is once again struggling with a puzzle that he is not able to solve. It is a physics problem about electron behavior. He spent sleepless nights to solve the problem to get the right answer finally; he decided to take a menial job to free his mind. He starts working as a waiter at the Cheesecake Factory where Penny already works, and he finally gets his answer there.

  1. “The Pants Alternative” — S03E18

Sheldon has to prepare a speech after receiving an award. He is a very unsocial person and tries to avoid any social event but his gang is ready to help him for this. Penny helps him to buy a new Suit. Raj is there for treating him with meditation and Leonard helps him to be psychologically strong.  Sheldon feels very depressive and Penny convinced him to drink. He gets drunk and becomes helpless and numb. He tried to engage the audience with his Nerdy jokes.

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  1. “The Staircase Implementation” — S03E22

It’s a flashback episode showing that how Leonard first met with Sheldon and also how Elevator of the building got permanently broken.

  1. “The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification” — S04E02

When Sheldon discovers that he will not live long enough, he tries to extend his lifespan by changing his daily diet and starts eating cruciferous vegetables. He also decided to make a  Mobile Virtual Presence Device.

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  1. “The Prestidigitation Approximation” — S04E18

It is definitely one of the Best The Big Bang Theory Episodes ever. All the gang members are in on Howard’s Card trick and just mess up with Sheldon. A puzzle that cannot be solved by Sheldon Cooper! Howard plays a magic trick and Sheldon is not able to find out how he performs it. In the meantime, Priya tells Leonard not to see her anymore.

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So which of these Best The Big Bang Theory Episodes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.