10 Incredible Shows Like How I Met Your Mother All Fans Must Watch


Fans were devastated when How I Met Your Mother Finale aired in 2014. Although this was partly because of the cringe-worthy finale itself, a show as great as HIMYM coming to an end was like the end of an era for fans. So, in order to fill the void, it left in the schedule of fans let us take a look at 10 Incredible Shows Like How I Met Your Mother all fans must watch.

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Top TV Shows Similar To How I Met Your Mother:

FriendsShows Like How I Met Your Mother

This show ended ten years ago, but the imprint it left on its fans has led to an increasing demand for a ‘Friends’ movie. This show is about a group of six close friends- Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, and Monica living in Manhattan. It is one of the most popular series ever shown on TV. Every single episode of FRIENDS makes you laugh out loud. Despite having memorized the punch lines, it never gets old! This is one of the Shows Like How I Met Your Mother every fan must watch.

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New GirlShows Like How I Met Your Mother

A group of approximately 25 friends lives together in a room. Different sides of friendship with all the roommates are shown in this show. The friendship is really magical. Winston among all is on the top and a real friend. It has some romantic scenes too. To Summarise this, New Girl portrays a very broad concept of friendship. Fans must watch this show and enjoy the comic and serious chemistry between a large group of friends.

That ’70s ShowShows Like How I Met Your Mother

This Show is a long flashback series. Eric and his group live an aimless life in a small town and they fall into lots of trouble. It is an incredible show with full of humorous punches.

The Big Bang TheoryShows Like How I Met Your Mother

It is basically a scientific comedy. Two friends Sheldon and Leonard are experts in Quantum physics and are top class physicists. Suddenly Penny arrives in their lives and makes them realize they both are very unsocial and know nothing about the real world. In The Big Bang Theory, the deep relationship of Sheldon and Penny is shown and a hilarious scene between these two and other friends also shown. This is one of the Shows Like How I Met Your Mother every fan must watch.

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Two and a Half MenShows Like How I Met Your Mother

Two and a Half Men is an American sitcom that portrays the story of two brothers Alan and Charlie Harper. Alan is divorced, so he starts living at Charlie’s place with his son Jake. The three of them have some really great experiences together that are fun to watch.

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Cougar TownShows Like How I Met Your Mother

Cougar Town is basically the story of a woman who is newly divorced and decides to start a new life by dating a group of young guys. This show portrays the life of Courtney and her group of friends. She is continuously struggling to discover herself for new changes. It is very relaxing and funny to watch.

Modern FamilyShows Like How I Met Your Mother

This series has really shown a hilarious perspective towards family life. Parents Phil and Claire want an honest and open relationship with their children. But their daughters and a son make their attempt so difficult and challenging. Jay, and his wife, Gloria, is raising two sons together. Jay’s gay son, Mitchell, and Cameron, his partner, have adopted a little Asian girl, for completing their multicultural, traditional, and happy family. This is one of the Shows Like How I Met Your Mother every fan must watch.

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ScrubsShows Like How I Met Your Mother

Scrubs is the story of a group of medical students in a hospital, where Mr.Turk and Dr. Cox are their instructors. The adventures they all experience together make them realize the value of their profession, friendship and life in general.

ChuckShows Like How I Met Your Mother

Computer person Chuck Bartowski opens an e-mail by mistake that has been encoded with very important government secrets, triggering a huge download of crucial information. With murderers and international terrorists eager to steal Chuck’s noggin, it falls to Maj, John and his partner a CIA agent Sarah Walker, for protecting the government’s newest secret agent. This is one of the Shows Like How I Met Your Mother every fan must watch.

CommunityShows Like How I Met Your Mother

It’s a hilarious show in which a group of misfit community college students forms a study group to help them in Spanish which is led by unwilling Jeff Winger. A mother, a failed lawyer, a billionaire, a former football star, a busy bee, and a film fanatic… Nothing could go wrong!

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So, which of these 10 Incredible Shows Like How I Met Your Mother will you watch next? Let us know in the comments below.

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