10 Mistakes On Friends TV Show You Might Not Have Noticed


If you are a diehard fan of one of the best sitcom ever, it is tough to point out any flaws. So, here is a list of mistakes on Friends TV show that you might have missed even if you have watched every single episode a million times.

1. Phoebe says to the friends that his father left her mother before she and Ursula were born but Frank Buffay Sr. later tells her he used to sing her to sleep.

2. The second of these ten mistakes on Friends TV show is about two main characters. Chandler And Rachel Never Remember Meeting Each Other Before. Forget Ross and Rachel. In the episode “The One With the Thanksgiving Flashback,” Ross introduces Rachel to Chandler as they have never met before and the pilot episode Chandler is again introduced to Rachel as if they’ve never met before. But, it clearly contradicts the flashback episode where it was revealed that Rachel and Chandler made out during a college party.

mistakes on Friends TV show3. When Joey is counting the floors of Ross’ building to find out where Hot Girl lives, he is wearing a black T-Shirt. When he rushes over to Ross’ building, he walks down the hall and knocks on what he believes to be Hot Girl’s door. In these shots, he is wearing a dark purple button up shirt. As soon as Ross answers the door, Joey is wearing the black T-Shirt again.

mistakes on Friends TV show4. Ross Lies About His virginity. In earlier episodes, Ross said that he hadn’t slept with anyone other than his ex-wife, Carol, until his relationship with Rachel. But, in the later episodes, he confesses to sleeping with an old librarian in his college. One of the silliest mistakes on Friends TV show ever.

5. When Rachel finds out that Ross and Julie are getting a cat, watch Rachel’s neck. She’s not wearing a necklace; cut to Ross and Julie for a fraction of a second, when it cuts back to Rachel she is suddenly wearing a necklace.

mistakes on Friends TV show6. In the episode with the engagement picture, the newspaper ad shows the announcement of Geller-Bing engagement with Monica and Joey. Now if you read the write-up, you can see how the sentences are repeated just to fill the column. You may have noticed many mistakes on Friends TV show, but did you know about this one? Probably not.

mistakes on Friends TV show7. In S01E15, Chandler mentions WENUS – Weekly Estimated Net Usage Systems. But in S01E16-17 WENUS is referred as Weekly Estimated Net Usage Statistics.

8. In regards to his mother, Joey asks Ross “you think it’s easy giving birth to seven kids?”. However, it is stated a number of times that Joey has seven sisters, meaning that Joey’s mother would have actually given birth to eight children, including Joey.

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9. Phoebe is seen speaking fluent Italian to Joey’s nana. However, in an episode, she responds to Paolo’s complaints with “I don’t know what you just said.” Another one of the crazy mistakes on Friends TV show.

10. Here goes the last of the ten mistakes on Friends TV show. In a previous episode Monica gets fired from her job, yet in ‘The One With Phoebe’s Wedding’ she says that she’s never been fired.

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So, how do you feel about your favorite show not being flawless? Is there any other incident apart from these mistakes on Friends TV show that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. In season 4 episode 20 The One with the Wedding Dresses.
    When Rachel goes over to Joeys and Chandlers. On the writing board when the first show it says Get out! Then it changes to Poop…than back to get out.

  2. Rachel says when she’s going to the regatta gala that she doesn’t sail, but supports it and then later teaches Joey to sail cause she always did it with her dad