10 Reasons why everyone should watch Pretty Little Liars


I know what you are thinking. “Me? Pretty Little Liars? No way! It’s a show for silly teen girls who shop at Forever 21!” Most of the people think the same way when they hear about the show for the first time. So I am going to state some reasons that are more than sufficient to add this show to your list and prompt you to watch Pretty Little Liars.

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1. It kills It On Social Media

watch Pretty Little LiarsPLL was named the most-tweeted show for the second year in a row at the end of 2013. Then the second half of the fourth season premiered in January 2014 and it completely crushed any previous record. According to Deadline, it “generated more than 1.3 million tweets by nearly 700,000 contributors, peaking at a rate of 30,000 tweets per minute.”

2. The Mystery Never Ends 

watch Pretty Little LiarsThe writers of the show know how to keep us coming back. Once you start watching the show, you can’t back out because we still don’t know who “A” is and we want to find out who is behind all of the antics going on in Rosewood. So, we will keep on watching until the series finale when that person is revealed once and for all.

3. It Sharpens Your Brain

watch Pretty Little LiarsI think I have the genes of a detective since I started watching this show! It somehow keeps your brain occupied. The viewers search for clues throughout the series as to solve the mystery. Many come up with their own theories as to who could be the Big A and the discussion never ends!

4. Jaw-Dropping Plot Twists

watch Pretty Little LiarsMarlene King is a mistress when it comes to cinematic slight of hand. All of the plot twists keep the fans on their toes.

5. Girls’ fashion and accessorizing skills are Amazing

watch Pretty Little LiarsFor that, we can thank costume designer Mandi Line, a former celebrity stylist who transitioned from music videos to TV when she started pulling all the clothes for “Greek” in 2007. Thanks to her eye for style, “PLL” has been nominated for “Best Dressed Cast” and has even inspired its own clothing line.

6. Emily’s Coming Out Of The Closet

watch Pretty Little LiarsThe show is highly praised for the way it handled Emily’s coming out of the closet. ‘Pretty Little Liars’ demonstrated that sometimes things can go right. At a time when stories of gay teen suicides due to bullying were at an all-time high, Emily Fields infused a young queer culture with hope.” Amen to that!

7. Spencer Hastings Is A Female Sherlock Holmes

watch Pretty Little LiarsThe women are pretty beautiful as well, and smart — aka role models of the year. Preach it, Spencer! She is a perfect example of beauty with brain.

8. Highlights The Importance Of Friendship

watch Pretty Little LiarsIn your 20s, friends, more or less, become your family. Who else will help you navigate the cruel world of being an adult? True friends have your back. Family constantly tries to make us better or change us in some or the other way. This show is a perfect example that real friends accept you as who you really are.

9.You Are Never Better Off With A Lie

watch Pretty Little LiarsRemember what Alison once said? “You are always better off with a really good lie”. Wrong! Lying might get you out of a bad situation temporarily but as the show has made it pretty clear, you keep drowning in your own lies, whereas the truth sets you free in the long run.

10. It Gives A Powerful Message

watch Pretty Little LiarsStop being a bully before it is too late and never underestimate anyone.These are the most powerful messages given by the show. Something as petty as high school bullying can get you into immense trouble that you have to pay a huge price. Sometimes the geek who sits aloof can give you a really hard time that is beyond your imagination.


Sure, Pretty Little Liars sounds like it has a plot-line designed for girls or teenagers, but the show’s most enjoyable element is the fact that nothing is as it appears to be. Do the above mentioned reasons convince you to watch Pretty Little Liars? Comment below if you think the show is worth watching.

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