10 TV Shows Like FRIENDS Every Die-hard Fan Should Watch


It has been more than a decade since FRIENDS aired on TV. The show was a trendsetter as, after that, various sitcoms were made. But very few of them could actually bring out the true essence of a situation comedy the way FRIENDS did. So let us take a look at top 10 TV Shows Like FRIENDS Every Die-hard Fan Should Watch.

The Big Bang Theory


The Big Bang Theory often abbreviated to TBBT is an American sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, both of whom serve as executive producers on the series, along with Steven Molaro. I find it to be the best sitcom made after Friends. This show is basically about two nerds Leonard and Sheldon and an attractive girl Penny who moves into the apartment across the hall from two brilliant but socially awkward physicists and shows them the world outside of the laboratory. There are other main characters Rajesh and Howard, who are friends with Leonard and Sheldon. All of them are nerds who struggle to fit into society. Rajesh suffers from selective mutism that means he can’t talk to women. The show becomes even more interesting to watch when these nerds get girlfriends as this is totally new to them. The character of Sheldon is super weird which adds a certain charm and uniqueness to the show.

How I Met Your MotherTV Shows Like FRIENDS

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The ending of this show was troublesome, but that doesn’t matter. How I Met Your Mother is overall a very good show and is indeed one of the best TV Shows Like FRIENDS. If you really want another show with a blend of friendship, romance, and comedy then you really need to meet Ted Mosby and his group.

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CouplingTV Shows Like FRIENDS

Coupling is just like entertaining dating mishaps of Ross and Rachel in  ‘Friends’. Therefore, it can also be known as one those TV Shows Like FRIENDS. It is also a foolish romantic.


MASH is basically a humor based on reality and is very intense. It is based on Korean war. It was one the best sitcom balancing the humor and harsh realities both at once. The Doctors and nurses are more like a family to each other. Sounds familiar? Just like the FRIENDS family! This is a must watch if you are looking for TV Shows Like FRIENDS.

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Happy EndingsTV Shows Like FRIENDS

It is just a modern and unusual TV show. All Friends living in a big city with career changes, slow pace with a bit of humor are unparalleled. It is a good series with lots of funny moments for viewers to watch till the end.

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New GirlTV Shows Like FRIENDS

A group of more than 25 friends live together. Various angles of friendship with the roommates are shown in this show. Overall New Girl is a new concept of friendship. It is a must watch for all FRIENDS fans as it is one of the best TV Shows Like FRIENDS.

YoungerTV Shows Like FRIENDS

Younger is just a different concept. Sutton Foster as Liza is a 40-year woman hiding her age for a job. She lies that she is much younger to get a job. The direction of the show is so interesting such that viewers are eager to watch it till the end.

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SpacedTV Shows Like FRIENDS

If you are looking for TV Shows Like FRIENDS but something geekier, then Spaced is the right choice for you. Again a group of friends is struggling with their adulthood. It is a story of two friends Tim and Daisy’s strange and uncomfortable adventures in their life. They decided to live their life as they want.

That ’70s ShowTV Shows Like FRIENDS

That ‘70s Show is just a long flashback series. Eric and his friends are a group of aimless teens living in a small town and get into lots trouble. It is a fantastic show with humorous punches. It is definitely one of the best TV Shows Like FRIENDS.

Cougar TownTV Shows Like FRIENDS

Cougar Town is a story of a newly divorced woman decides to start dating to a group of young guys to find excitement in her life. This show is about the life of Courtney’s and her friends. She is struggling to discover and rediscover herself for the age of new discoveries. All the characters are hilarious. It is one of the no-brainers.  Cougar Town is just relaxing and funny to watch. It is a worth watch comedy line of the show.

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So which one of the 10 TV Shows Like FRIENDS are worth watching? Let us know in the comments below.

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