10 TV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries Every TVD Fan Should Watch


The way TVD portrayed vampires on the small screen was phenomenal. Not only did it change the way people thought about vampires but also introduced them to a familiar concept in a completely different manner. Call it the popularity of the show or lack of similar concepts being aired on other channels, when TVD ended, it left a void in our television schedule. So, to fill that void, we have come up with a list of 10 TV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries Every TVD Fan Should Watch. Take a look and update your ‘watching now’ show list as soon as possible.

Top 10 Hollywood TV Shows To Watch After TVD:

  1. The OriginalsTV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries

It has all the reasons to be included in this list of some good tv shows like vampire diaries and given the first position. The Originals is all about the history and origin of vampires. How did vampires come into the picture? Why can’t they face Sunlight like normal human beings? This show is designed to answer all the curiosities about a vampire. It is a must-watch show as it is one of the best TV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries. It is a high-quality family drama with deep history all of its characters. It shows the good side of the characters rather than evil. Give it a try once and you’ll never regret your decision.

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  1. True BloodTV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries

It is totally worth a watch. If you are a vampire shows lover, you should definitely watch True Blood. It combines gore, betrayal, wolves, romance, imaginary creatures, vampires and all the stuff with some exciting drama. It is definitely one of the best supernatural shows. A Japanese scientist created a “True Blood” that allows vampires to stop sucking human blood. This finding caused the vampire world to split into two groups. One group wants to exist openly with humans and the other group wants to retain their privacy. The show begins with Stackhouse waitressing Sookie who is a mind reader and suddenly meets a vampire named Bill. From action to mystery, from suspense to bloodshed, the show has everything to help you get through long weekends and boring nights.

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  1. SupernaturalTV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries

It requires no introduction at all. Supernatural is one of those addictive TV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries. If you watch a couple of episodes of this you will never able to stop until its very end. The story of two brothers who fight an evil is beautifully shown.

  1. Teen WolfTV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries

In this show, it was found out that other than werewolves there are more supernatural creatures around human beings. It is the story of a teenaged boy. After a werewolf bite, his athletic abilities improved tremendously as he performed faster and better. The show has to offer much more than a teen story.

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  1. The Secret CircleTV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries

It was a great show but aired only for a limited period of time. It aired for two whole seasons but was canceled shortly. There are ample of haunted, dark, suspicious moments and twists like bringing back people from the dead. Finally, it’s a great show full of drama and is definitely worth a watch. You can always read the books for knowing the story ahead.

  1. Being HumanTV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries

Being human has three supernatural elements- Vampires, werewolves, and ghosts. Apparently one of each species decided to be roommates. They try to live a normal life as human beings despite being supernatural creatures, but things always went wrong. Every day they start with a  new adventure in their life and they discover that it was not a good idea to live among humans.

  1. Buffy: The Vampire SlayerTV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries

This is one of the best TV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries. It is a story of a girl Buffy. Buffy’s main job is to slay demons, vampires and supernatural monsters. She wants to free the world from these creatures. She does all of this with the help of her friends and some outsiders. It is an incredible show. If you are a real fan of Vampire Diaries you should not miss watching this show.

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  1. BladeTV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries

Most of the people remember the movie Blade. The television show was also motivated by the half-vampire and half-human character of Blade movie. The screenwriting was done by David S. Goyer who also wrote Man of Steel and the Dark Knight.

  1. ShadowhuntersTV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries

It is a TV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries in which just like Elena in Vampire Diaries Clary also realizes that another world exists inside her own, a world of supernatural or paranormal beings, and she is definitely tied to it. It is such a haunted show that fans love to watch.

  1. MoonlightTV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries

Moonlight is one of the supernatural TV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries that combines romance and horror together for a storyline that always keeps you curious for each scene. In this show Mick St. John basically is a vampire who mainly deals with the undead cases. He has a vampire mentor, Josef to help him this way. The romance is added with the reporter, Beth. The show was almost 7 million viewers for each episode, perhaps that was not enough to renew for next season.  This show is not exactly like Vampire Diaries but it is definitely one of the TV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries.

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So which one of these TV Shows Like The Vampire Diaries do you think is the best? Is there any other name that pops into your head when you think about Hollywood TV shows to watch after TVD? Let us know in the comments below.

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