12 Twilight Movie Mistakes That Went Unnoticed By Viewers


Twilight is a blockbuster romance fantasy film from Summit Entertainment based on the novel of the same name by the American author Stephenie Meyer. No matter how good a movie is, it is never flawless. Same goes with Twilight. Here are 12 Twilight movie mistakes that even the biggest fans may not have noticed.

1. When Bella is in the hospital, and the camera is up close to her face, the breathing tubes are right by her eyes, but when the shot is far from her face, the breathing tubes are sitting on her cheeks. It’s one of the silliest Twilight movie mistakes that you can ever notice.

Twilight Movie Mistakes2. When Bella pulls up for her first day of school and Tyler says “nice ride,” he is wearing only a red hoodie in the first shot, but in the next shot he is dressed in a gray overcoat over the hoodie, then in the third shot, he is again wearing only the red hoodie.

Twilight Movie Mistakes3. When Edward reveals who he is to Bella, the button down the shoulder epaulet on his jacket goes from being unbuttoned to buttoned. It’s Probably one of those Twilight movie mistakes that nobody cared to pay attention.

Twilight Movie Mistakes4. Emmett’s jeep goes from being dirty with mud from the tires on the sides to being clean when leaving from the baseball scene.

Twilight Movie Mistakes5. Another one of the unnoticed Twilight movie mistakes goes like this – After Edward saves Bella from being crushed by the van, her hair is outside her jacket covering up her hood. When the shot changes, her hair are tucked beneath her jacket, and the hoodie is visible. When the shot changes back, her hair is again covering up the hood.

Twilight Movie Mistakes6. When Bella enters biology, and Edward has finally returned, as she walks over to her desk The bit of paper above the large book sitting on the edge moves closer to the brink. The book also repositions itself from lying horizontally to vertically.

Twilight Movie Mistakes7. This is one of the many Twilight movie mistakes that most peopled overlooked. After Bella leaves her father to run from James, Edward appears beside her truck. Although the truck is moving, Edward’s hair remains as it is.

8. When Edward asks Esme and Rosalie to wear Bella’s clothes, Rosalie has Bella’s coat on her lap, but in the next shot, it is next to her on the counter, with no time for that to happen.

9. When Bella and Edward are at the salad bar, you can see the table with Bella’s friends in the background. If you watch her friends, their positions change noticeably, between the following consecutive shots.

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10. When Bella is at the hospital, the little plant left to her changes place. First, it is under the lamp; later it’s not. No matter how great of a Twilight fan you think you are, we bet you didn’t notice this Twilight movie mistake.

Twilight Movie Mistakes11. In the hospital scene, when Edward is sleeping, his head goes from leaning on one shoulder to suddenly on the other shoulder in the next shot. Although, it is not a blunder, still, the writers forgot something so that it can be counted as a small mistake.

Twilight Movie Mistakes12. The last of these Twilight movie mistakes happens when Bella pulls up in her truck on her first day at Forks High, we can see the boom and the camera reflected in the triangular window.

Twilight Movie Mistakes

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So, how do you feel about your favorite movie not being flawless? Is there any other incident apart from these Twilight movie mistakes that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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