13 Most Cry-Worthy Moments On FRIENDS TV Show


From deep and meaningful friendships to heart-melting proposals, the all time blockbuster FRIENDS knows how to tug-on-our heartstrings. Here are some really emotional and cry-worthy moments on FRIENDS TV Show that will cause even the most stone hearted person to melt.

1. When Ross and Rachel really broke up after Ross slept with someone else on their break- Rachel and Ross breaking up was one of the hardest things we had to watch. And it always will be.

moments on FRIENDS TV Show2. Phoebe’s parting with the Triplets- Phoebe saying goodbye to the triplets after she gave birth to them was definitely a tearjerker moment for everybody.

moments on FRIENDS TV Show3. When Chandler purposes Monica- We all shed tears of utmost joy when Monica surprised Chandler, and then he finally went down on his knee and asked her to marry him. That is by far one of the best proposals ever on T.V.!

moments on FRIENDS TV Show4. When Rachel moved out- It was like the end of an era! When Monica said all that nice stuff about Rachel when she was moving out was incredible!

moments on FRIENDS TV Show5. Mike and Phoebe’s Wedding vows – When they both read out their vows, we all melted. Phoebe never had a normal childhood or family. Now she was getting one!

moments on FRIENDS TV Show6. When Chandler and Monica found out they couldn’t have kids- Nothing was as devastating when Monica and Chandler found out that they could not have babies- something that Monica always wanted.

moments on FRIENDS TV Show7. When Chandler describes Monica to Erica- After Erica had refused to give them her baby, Chandler came up with the vaguest description of Monica to convince her to choose them in. Chandler somehow convinced Erica to let them adopt her baby, by saying that Monica “is already a mother without kids.” He made us believe how much he loved Monica and would do anything to make her happy.

moments on FRIENDS TV Show8. Rachel’s goodbyes: Each one of Rachel’s goodbyes for her friends when she is leaving for Paris breaks our hearts every time we watch it. Just imagining Friends without Rachel Green is nearly impossible.

moments on FRIENDS TV Show9. When Rachel boarded the plane anyway – When Ross confessed his true feelings for her, Rachel could have walked out of Airport hand-in-hand with him, headed into a euphoric and happy future. This scene broke hearts of millions of Ross and Rachel fans.

10. The shattered Foosball table – When Chandler and Joey’s Foosball table was destroyed when a baby chick and baby duck ended up inside it, we knew it wasn’t just a game to them but was an integral part of the long-time friendship of both. This clearly indicated that nothing was same as before and that broke our hearts.

moments on FRIENDS TV Show11. I got off the plane – Those Five magical words! A love story that took more than ten years finally had its happy ending.

moments on FRIENDS TV Show12. The last scene – The final scene was shot in Monica’s apartment, which could have been set in Central Perk, or Joey-Chandler’s place, but this one felt the most intimate. This was the place, where all six characters had lived at some point in their life.

moments on FRIENDS TV Show13. Last but not the least, the moment when all that was left were just six keys belonging to six awesome friends that unlocked a decade of laughter and tears. FRIENDS fans had to say goodbye to a huge part of their life.

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So, what do you think about these emotional moments on FRIENDS TV Show? Let us know in the comments below.

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