13 real clues that will make you believe Byron Montgomery is A.D (Pretty Little Liars theory)


At this point in Pretty Little Liars, no one can be ruled out of suspicion. Even the liars’ parents.There was one line I noticed which really stood out to me, Byron Montgomery once said: “I have made some choices, that I later regretted.” This could mean that he has regretted doing some of the stuff that he has done to the liars and he regrets every single one. This Pretty Little Liars theory might sound a little weird but what if A.D. stands for “Aria’s Dad?” Let us take a look at some real clues that lead us to this speculation.

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  1. Byron has repeatedly mentioned that his brother Scott has a history of mental illness — which probably means he has spent some time at Radley. When Aria’s brother Mike went through a rough patch, Ella suggested giving him space. Byron cryptically told her that, “My parents gave Scott space, and you know what happened to him.” Viewers are totally in the dark about what happened!
  2. This is a clip of 5×24 where Aria and Mike find a cow tongue inside a box. Why a cow tongue? Was this A message to them to stay quiet? Pretty Little Liars theoryThis is Wren’s drawing. It is of a family in front of a barn. There is a father, mother, young girl, and little boy. The young girl and little boy seem to have the same age difference as Aria and Mike. So, you see, Byron, Ella, Aria and Mike. And several cows to their left and one on their right.Pretty Little Liars theoryAlso read: Pretty Little Liars Theory: 11 Reasons why Paige is AD
  3. He spontaneously decided to move his family to Iceland for a year after Alison went missing. Maybe he was trying to run from all the drama. How about moving to Iceland because you accidentally murdered someone?
  4. Byron’s behavior at Ian’s funeral was strange. While everyone was looking forward to the casket, Byron kept drifting his focus to the side as if he was guilty of something.
  5. Garrett Reynolds told Spencer that he saw Byron in a heated exchange with Alison the night she disappeared. Spencer tells him she is gonna go get Aria so that he can tell her what he saw that night. As soon as she walks out, Garrett is killed. Coincidence?
  6. Lastly, in the dollhouse, we see a scene where Spencer is looking at some home videos and Charles is standing beside her. He is definitely a guy. It is possible that the guy is Byron.
  7. Maybe Byron killed Jessica after she emailed him that she couldn’t protect him anymore. She learned Alison was still alive from CeCe. And maybe Alison’s reappearance gave Jessica the courage she needed to step forward and tell the truth about that night. And like every victim who knew too much, she was killed.
  8. Maybe every hint that has lead PLL fans to believe Aria is A was just a distraction. By giving clues that lead to Aria, they are hinting it is someone close to her.
  9. In every scene together, the tension between Alison and Byron is dark and intense. Byron even goes as far as to aggressively grab her wrist and snatch her phone away when she threatens to make that call.
  10. Also, the ‘A’ texts started when the Montgomerys came back to town.
  11. Notice how Mrs. Grunwald emphasizes that one of the 3 liars has been touched by who Alison fears the most. Slightly hinting that A is connected to one of them. By Hanna not being present, it narrowed it down a little bit. I’m sure these girls have been touched by plenty of A suspects. But Byron has never had a real moment with Spencer, Emily, or Hanna. He has hugged and touched Aria throughout the entire show.Pretty Little Liars theoryRelated: The Most Shocking PLL Theory Till Date: Emily Is AD
  12. In the pilot episode, which Byron was present, pig Tunia makes its first appearance. Ella mentions that Aria loves it so much because Byron gave it to her. The pig theme has appeared several times throughout the series.Pretty Little Liars theory
  13. In episode 3×15, Aria goes to visit Meredith after witnessing her father violently grab her burned arm in an argument. Aria says she has never seen him that angry before. Meredith tells Aria that she saw him rifling through papers and even through her purse. She says when he saw her, he seemed caught and defensive. She then goes into detail about that fatal night. After locking the liars in the basement, Meredith tells Byron:

“Aria knows everything. She knows about the blackmail, and she knows that you saw Alison that night, that you..” and stops. Then says: “She has proof, Byron. And her friends know too.”

Maybe this is the reason why only Aria was offered to join the winning team. Maybe Byron wanted to protect her from the nastiness of the game

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So, what do you think of this Pretty Little Liars theory? Let us know in the comments below.


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