Maisie Williams who plays the character of Arya Stark in the Game Of Thrones is a popular English actress. She made her professional acting debut as Arya Stark in the HBO fantasy T.V. series Game of Thrones in 2011. She was part of the initial starring cast and remains a member of the cast for the seventh season. There are various facts about her which a lot of GOT fans don’t know. So take a look at some of these awesome Maisie Williams facts and see how many of them do you know.

Maisie Williams facts

  1. She was born on 15 April 1997 in Bristol, UK.
  2. Her real name is Margaret Constance Williams. She has been known as “Maisie” after the character from the comic strip The Perishers.
  3. She is the youngest in the family.  Her three older siblings are James, Beth, and Ted.
  4. She attended Clutton Primary School and Norton Hill School in Midsomer Norton before she moved to Bath Dance College. She studied Performing Arts there.
  5. Maisie Williams became the youngest actress to win in the Best Supporting Actress category as she was presented with the award when she was 15.
  6. Apart from Game of Thrones she also appeared in the independent movies Heatstroke (2012) and Gold (2013), and the short films Corvidae (2013) and Up On The Roof (2013).
  7. In 2014, Maisie Williams also portrayed Lydia in the British film The Falling, which was released on 24 April 2015 in the UK.
  8. In 2015, Williams played the leading role in the video clip of Oceans by the British band Seafront. The theme of this clip was bullying.
  9. Maisie loves dancing. In fact, she started dancing way before she took up acting and has actually declared dancing her ‘first love’ in an interview to Vulture.
  10. Unlike Maisie, the Arya portrait in the book is left handed so when Maisie got the role she started using her left hand instead of her right so that she could get used to it.
  11. Surprisingly Maisie has not yet read any of the novels on which the series Game of Thrones is based. In fact, she has not read any of George R.R Martin’s novels.
  12. Maisie admits that she is a big fan of Audrey Hepburn.
  13. Maisie is an animal lover. In fact, she is a part of a non-profit volunteer organization called The Dolphin Project which aims to educate people about the problems faced by dolphins in their surroundings.
  14. She dropped out of school when she was 14 so that she could concentrate more on her career.
  15. Sophie who plays her sister in Game of Thrones is her best friend. In fact, they both have the same tattoo on their forearms.

Maisie Williams facts

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