Top 15 Reasons That Prove Pretty Little Liars Lucas Is Uber A


There have been many theories about who could be Uber A or A.D since the liars came back to Rosewood. Though the show has set up many suspects to cross off the list, there is one person that I still don’t trust has the Liars’ best interests at heart, and that is Lucas. Here are some reasons to prove that Pretty Little Liars Lucas could actually turn out to be the big villain.


1. The Uber A sends his first message on the first episode when Pretty Little Liars Lucas is back.

2. Uber is German, and the only german surnamed character is Lucas Goettsman.

3. Pretty Little Liars Lucas once lost Celeb’s money. What if he used it all for ‘A’ business. After all, being loaded is required for being a super villain.

4. Lucas gave a brilliant offer to Hanna that required staying in Rosewood. Who knows he did that out of friendship? The Uber A wants the liars to stay in Rosewood.

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5. Lucas seemed far too willing to lie for Hanna’s sake. He even offered her to stay in his apartment. Maybe he did so because he had hidden cameras and microphones there to see what the liars are up to.

Pretty Little Liars Lucas6. “A” seems to have pictures of everyone, taken from various angles. Lucas has always had a thing for photography.

7. The Uber A would have to know the exact plan of the liars to have kidnapped Hanna like that. They did all of their planning in Lucas’s apartment, so if it had cameras, he would know every specific detail of their plan and would have been able to stay a step ahead of them.

8. Pretty Little Liars Lucas has always had a thing for Hanna. A’s most disastrous attack was the fire at Hanna’s wedding shower. This could imply that the event had special significance to A.D. Lucas might feel jealous to see Hanna moving forward with another guy, which could cause him to lash out like that.

9. The reason Lucas hasn’t been seen roaming any of the Rosewood High halls is that he decided to be homeschooled because according to him, he didn’t feel safe at Rosewood High. But what if the classes were cutting into his “A” time? After all being “the big bad A” is like having a full-time job.

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10. The only character Uber A has threatened actually to kill is Hanna’s fiance Jordan. Since Pretty Little Liars Lucas has always been interested in Hanna, he would have been interested in eliminating her fiancé too.

Pretty Little Liars Lucas11. Except for Mona, no one got the dose of Ali’s merciless teasing worse than Lucas. She called him “Hermy the Hermaphrodite” and made his life a living hell.

12. Lucas just purchased a factory in Rosewood. This sounds like a place for a new A.

13. Pretty Little Liars Lucas confessed to Hanna that he has unlimited access to his company’s money, which means he is rich enough to be Uber A.

14. He’s tech savvy. In Season 2, he removes all the crop-ups online of the photos showing Hanna doing community service. That takes a certain amount of tech know-how that would also be useful in many of “A”’s intricate schemes. Not to mention he keeps his location untraceable.

15. The last reason why Pretty Little Liars Lucas could be Uber A goes like this. He was the one who visited Mona in Radley. Hanna saw him. After Mona was exposed as the Original “A,” she was in Radley where she had contact with Uber “A.” He claimed that he went to find out whether Mona was really crazy, but that explanation always seemed odd.

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So what do you guys think? Has Pretty Little Liars Lucas been pulling the strings all along? Let us know in the comments below.

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