15 Spiderman Movie (2002) Mistakes You Didn’t Notice


It won’t be wrong to say that Spiderman is one of the most successful Films ever. However, there are a few mistakes that many people didn’t notice. Here are 15 such Spiderman movie (2002) mistakes that you should take a look right away-

Spiderman movie (2002)1. At the beginning of the Spiderman movie when the students are in the museum, we see a spider pulling up a sack of crickets. The sack changes position between shots.

2. When Osborn is laid on the stretcher about to enter the vault, the wires by his right shoulder change positions between shots.

3. When Norman’s assistant is securing his head in place in the machine, you can see a glare of the green screens in his glasses.

4. Towards the end of the film when the Green Goblin breaks in the window of Aunt May’s house, in one shot she is seen leaning by the bedside, and in all other shots, she has her head on the bed.

5. At the World Festival, Goblin is fighting the cops; however, when Spider-man tries to punch him, there is a long shot where you can see that there aren’t any policemen anywhere.

6. In the final fight scene of the Spiderman movie, between Spider-Man and Green Goblin, when Spider-Man falls down, suddenly Green Goblin has a sort of weapon in his hand, whereas in the rest of the fight scene he had nothing.

7. When the Green Goblin gasses Spidey after crashing through Jameson’s office window, you see him fall and hear him almost immediately hitting the ground; it is the sound of him falling onto the stunt mat.

8. When one of Bonesaw’s blond women gives him a crowbar to beat Spidey with, you hear her say “Kick his spider ass,” but her mouth doesn’t match with what she is shouting.

9. In the scene where Spider-Man saves MJ from the thieves after they kiss she peels his mask back, she is right next to his face, whereas in the following shot she is much further away from his face.

10. When Peter is doing his web tests in his bedrooms for the very first time, when he pulls the lamp, you can see a thread like object around his wrist, clearly to pull the lamp.

11. When Peter Parker goes up to his room, about to become Spider-Man, there’s a sudden close-up of his face and his borderline looks different.

12. When Simmons is talking about the headlines concerning Spider-Man, the pencils in the cup keep changing their positions between shots.

13. When Peter grabs MJ’s falling lunch, the apple falls on its side and doesn’t move at all, in spite of being round and the tray being moved about so curtly.

14. When Mary Jane is on the terrace at the Oscorp Festival and the Green Goblin engender part of it to start falling apart, the wires and chords causing the terrace to fall down and pull back up can be spotted.

15. When Mary Jane is about to fall from the balcony, and the Green Goblin appears, we hear him say, “Hello, my dear,” but his lips are not in sync with those words.

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So, are you shocked? Or did you notice some of these mistakes in Spiderman movie before? Let us know in the comments below.