17 Emilia Clarke Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About


Emilia Clarke will always be known as the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. Her success has gone hand-in-hand with the HBO series’ huge success. Let us look at some Emilia Clarke interesting facts and know more about this beautiful English actress-

Emilia Clarke Interesting Facts

  1. Her full name is Emilia Isabelle Euphemia Rose Clarke.
  2. In 2010 – just one year after graduating from Drama Centre London – the 28-year-old was cast as the star of Game of Thrones before the first season had begun filming.
  3. This is one of those Emilia Clarke interesting facts that hardly any of her fans know about. Clarke was working six jobs to pay her rent at the time she received a call for an audition for Game Of Thrones.
  4. At just 3-years-old, she was taken to see the musical, Show Boat, and was instantly hooked to the acting world.
  5. Around the time of her graduation, she appeared in an advert for the Samaritans charity, in an appeal for donations to keep the helplines operational. It was her first on-screen appearance.
  6. Did you know about this Emilia Clarke interesting fact? Her first kiss was in a cupboard. It was during spin the bottle, and she didn’t want to kiss a guy in front of everyone, so she suggested going into a cupboard to do it.
  7. It’s indeed difficult to imagine Daenerys not being portrayed by Emilia Clarke, but back in 2010, she was not the directors’ first choice. In August 2009, HBO announced that Pride & Prejudice and The Tudors actress Tamzin Merchant would star as Daenerys. She even filmed the pilot, but left the project in March 2010, clearing the path for Emilia Clarke.
  8. She is incredibly musical! Clarke can sing, play piano, flute, and guitar.
  9. She isn’t a natural blonde, but at times, Clarke wishes that she was. Her attachment to the wig has grown way too much.
  10. Clarke detailed one time when somebody did actually recognize her: “Well because of my hair, I rarely, rarely get recognized, but in America, I was once in a lift in a department store, and the doors opened, and this woman stood there and looks at me and just went, Khaleesi!
  11. Clarke has stated that if acting didn’t work out as her parents had thought, she would have been a singer, an architect, or a graphic designer.
  12. She Wanted To Be a meth head In Breaking Bad.
  13. During 2013, as the show’s third season drew to a close, Clarke was admitted to hospital. She suffered a brain aneurysm but recovered in time to start shooting for the fourth season.
  14. She speaks multiple languages, including French, German and Indian.
  15. She had only 24 hours to prepare for the audition, which mainly included researching the books and especially the character she was competing to play.
  16. People are interested in Emilia Clarke movies and tv shows, but hardly they notice that she is very much active in sports activities. Emilia Clarke likes sports and can do ice skating, horseback riding, rowing and running among others.
  17. In 2012 there were more than 160 baby girls legally named after Clarke’s character Khaleesi after Daenerys Targaryen.

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