18 Reasons That Will Make You Believe That Caleb Is A.D.


I know that most of the PLL fans were dissatisfied when Cece Drake was declared as ‘A’ in season 6, perhaps because that was way too predictable. None of it made any sense and left too many questions and loose ends, it was an insult to the fandom. So, this time, maybe the big reveal about Uber A won’t be predictable! The more heartbreaking the reveal is, the more interesting it will get. Caleb has been one of the favorite love interests of PLL fans. That means it will be painful if he turns out to be the big villain. Although he is not completely out of suspicion. I’ve been thinking a lot about certain parts of Caleb’s character lately that making me have ‘Mrs. Grunwald vibes’ that he could be AD. Here are certainly valid reasons as to why Caleb could turn out to be Uber A.

Caleb Is A.D.1. Maybe giving Hanna that “bug-free” phone wasn’t for the right reasons. It could also have been a trick to track her.

2. Mrs. Grunwald was worried about Hanna and Caleb but at the same time described it as dark and dangerous. She said how A is “very close to Hanna.” I don’t think she meant Noel because she is not that literal and what she said has a deeper meaning than we’d think.

3. Caleb was a foster kid, and now Mary Drake had another child of the liars’ age who probably went up for adoption. Well, something’s fishy!

4. Caleb is a high-tech genius. Spying on the liars full time is not a one man task. It requires a great deal of technical know-how. We need not say anymore about Caleb’s extraordinary technical knowledge.

5. Marlene said the reveal of A.D would be heartbreaking which means its most likely based on the most favorite ships. Be it Haleb or Speleb, the shippers of both are gonna be disappointed if Caleb is A.D.

6. When Grunwald said to Hanna that there was something dark between her and Caleb, the assumption till now was that the darkness is Spencer. Maybe she meant Caleb has gone dark.

7. Now, let us go back to season 1. Read this very carefully.

“Spencer(to Hanna about Caleb): What’s going on between you and the Artful Dodger?”

Jack Dawkins, better known as Artful Dodger, is a character in the Charles Dickens famous novel Oliver Twist. Dodger is a pickpocket, so called for his skill and is cunning. He is the leader of the gang of child criminals, trained by the elderly Fagin. He becomes Oliver’s closest friend (although he betrayed Oliver when he got caught mistakenly). Spencer goes on to tell Hanna that this guy is dark and Hanna says at one point that he’s no Arthur Dogger. Maybe he is! This might not be a direct hint, but PLL is all about in-depth thinking.

8. Emily tells Hanna to be careful with him, and Hanna says she’s a good judge of character and Emily points out that Hanna set Aria up with Noel and Hanna says “well Noel Kahn had everyone fooled” and Emily replies “maybe Caleb is the same.” This happened in season 1, and I don’t even need to point out Noel’s role in season 7. His actions speak for how he fooled the liars. Perhaps Emily’s prediction “maybe Caleb is the same” is not entirely wrong.

9. Marlene also said we wouldn’t know if Haleb would end up together until the end. Of course, why would Hanna be with the biggest tormentor?

10. In season 1 episode 17

Hanna: My mom said his ID checked out.

Caleb: Alright, you ask a computer, is Leland related to this Potter lady, computer says yes. But you didn’t ask if he was still alive. Knowing all the right questions is better than knowing all the right answers.

Caleb clearly explains how you can steal a dead person’s identity. Now, dead Dr. Rollin’s threat call won’t seem a coincidence, right?

11. Spencer was always the smartest among all liars. Maybe that is the reason Spaleb happened. Caleb got together with Spencer to get a deeper insight into her thought process is a perfectly viable Uber A trait. After all, accidently meeting Spencer in Europe sounds really suspicious in PLL world.

12. That person we see in the dollhouse in front of Spencer couldn’t be Cece. That was clearly a man.

13. The first time Caleb met Alison, there was a weird tension between them. It seemed like he really hated her. Maybe that was a clue.

14. Emily asked Caleb, “How do you know how to build an electric fence?”. To that, he responds sarcastically, “I googled how to build an electric fence.” Does the electric fence in the dollhouse strike anybody?

15. Once He told Hanna to go to the police, when she did, all the A texts were deleted. Maybe he did that to seem innocent.

16. In S06E09, he told Hanna he would go to New York, but he wasn’t very open about it. Hanna asked his dad, and he said Caleb didn’t go to New York. Maybe he was the one who locked the moms in the basement.

17. Uber A magically knew that Hanna wasn’t the murderer. We know that she told Caleb about her plan and he went along with it. Something’s seriously wrong.

18. Last, but not the least, why was Cece A? Because she had been neglected as a child. Caleb was a neglected child too. He told Hanna in Season 2 episode 1 that he always felt alone with people.

Caleb had very few reasons to be AD but a million reasons not to. But isn’t it how Marlene’s writing works? Do you think that this could be an interesting turn of events? Let us know in the comments below.

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