20 Interesting Facts About Kaley Cucco You Should Know


The “Big Bang Theory” actress Kaley Cocco is loved a lot by fans and by the media. If you’re a TBBT lover, then check out these 20 unknown facts about Kaley Cucco aka Penny!

facts about Kaley Cucco1. One of the least known facts about Kaley Cucco is that she was once a regionally ranked tennis player.

2. Kaley was home-schooled since the 5th grade.

3. She stopped going to school because the other students gave her a hard time about being an actor and appearing in commercials.

4. It’s one of those facts about Kaley Cucco that hardly few people are aware of. Kaley secretly dated her co-star Johnny Galecki (Leonard from tbbt) for 2years. They broke up but remained professional and are still good friends today.

5. Kaley cut her hair in 2014 for a role in a movie. The writers of The Big Bang Theory were able to write this into the show.

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6. She is such a crazy ping pong player that she bought a table for the set of The Big Bang Theory.

7. One of the facts about Kaley Cucco that you must know. Kaley’s phone was hacked in 2014. Her advice to girls taking nude photos of themselves? Get a polaroid!

8. Her sister Briana appeared on The Voice in 2013.

9. She broke her leg in a horseback riding accident. To allow her the proper time to heal, The Big Bang Theory writers wrote Penny out of two episodes. Once Kaley returned, she was often seen hiding behind large pieces of furniture until she fully recovered.

10. While recovering from a broken leg, she found time to record a version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” for the Humane Society.

11. She has been a long time supporter of the Humane Society and has adopted several dogs herself. Another one of the interesting facts about Kaley Cucco that people should know.

12. She wasn’t in the original pilot episode of The Big Bang Theory.

13. Kaley was part of a flash mob. Along with the cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory, she stopped in the midst of taping an episode to perform various songs for a very surprised live audience.

14. Her dog has an Instagram account. That’s weird!

15. During summer break from The Big Bang Theory, she dyed her hair pink.

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16. She had a severe breathing problem and had to have surgery to be able to breathe like everyone else.

17. She has the date of her wedding tattooed on her upper back.

18. Kaley maintains a great relationship with her former ‘8 Simple Rules’ co-star Amy Davidson and has stated that she considers her to be her best friend.

19. During the 1990s, in a Degeneres’ sitcom, she played a younger version of the comedian on “Ellen.”

20. She was the voice behind the main character on an animated show “Brandy & Mr. Whiskers” on Disney Channel.

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So, which of these facts about Kaley Cucco shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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