23 Reasons To Watch How I Met Your Mother


I remember what I thought when a friend told me I should watch How I Met Your Mother. Wait, what? It is a network sitcom that too with a laugh track? Not for me! Anyway, on constant persuasion I reluctantly picked up the first season and sat down one weekend. Since then How I Met Your Mother (or HIMYM to the insiders), has been one of the most consistently funny and touching shows in my rotation. Below stated are some reasons to watch How I Met Your Mother, which you should take a close look and start watching this beautiful show right away-

Reasons To Watch How I Met Your Mother

  1. It narrates the story of college sweethearts who make it through the trials and tribulations of.
  1. You’ll never stop laughing. Trust me. You will know this when you watch it.
  1. The mystery never ends. Everyone on wants to know who is the mother.
  1. Six young friends living in New York City is not exactly a novel idea, but unlike many sitcoms, the characters are not one-dimensional and they defy the predictable gender stereotypes often seen in other sitcoms.
  2. The gang will teach you how to know which friends are temporary and which ones are for life.
  3. The entirety of the show is flashback which allows for the action to jump around in time. We are able to see scenes in the way future that other episodes will build up to and also create scenes that pre-date previous episodes.

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7. It is not all about laughter. It gives you a dose of reality just when you need it.

8. It gives you a schema for all the different kinds of ways you can love someone.

9. It makes us realize that good friends can be your family.

10. It teaches you that whatever happens in life, your friends will always be there for you.

11. You will learn all of Barneys codes and tricks. The ‘playbook’ and ‘Bro code’ is a holy book for guys.

12. Marshall and Lily are the ultimate relationships goals. They started dating in college and now they have a son and are supporting each other in their dream jobs.

13. There are many celebrities from Hollywood who have made appearances in this show, simply because of its rich content and huge popularity. Enrique Iglesias and Katy Perry are some of the few who have come and played a character for an episode.

  1. You’ll feel better about yourself after seeing some of the characters’ life choices.
  2. The catchphrases are amazing. There is never a dull moment in the show, all credits to those splitting catchphrases by Barney Stinson.
  1. You won’t get your dream job overnight and they make you understand this fact.
  1. There is someone out there for everyone. So sit back and relax! Let that someone find you.
  1. Lily and Marshall have a beautiful, easy relationship, though filled with its own bumps and hiccups.
  1. There are still moments when you are walking around in the real world and laugh when you think about one of those hilarious jokes.
  1. There is nothing more exciting than seeing another Robin Sparkles video.
  1. You will relate to each character.
  1. That your person – ‘the love of your life’ is worth waiting for.
  1. Most importantly, “How I Met Your Mother” will show you every possible way to high-five a friend, or yourself.

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Apart from these reasons to watch How I Met Your Mother, there are some great life lessons you will learn after watching the show. So without any further delay, sit down and watch this legen- wait for it- dary show!

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