5 Best Breaking Bad Episodes That Never Get Old


Breaking Bad is an American crime drama series which was created and developed by Vince Gilligan. From January 2008 to September 2013 the show aired on AMC Network for five seasons. It’s a story about Walter White played by Bryan Carston who is a chemistry teacher in high school and he is diagnosed with fatal lung cancer. He with his student Jesse Pinkman starts making and selling methamphetamine so that he secures his family’s future financially before he dies. There is no doubt that it’s one of the best thriller TV series of all time and consists of many episodes which could be mentioned in the list of the best breaking bad episodes; however, we analyzed all the aspects and narrowed down our list to just 5 episodes. Take a look-

List of Best Breaking Bad Episodes

Here is the list of the best Breaking Bad episodes. Take a look at them and see whether you’ve watched all of them or not.

1. “PILOT” season 1, episode 1Best Breaking Bad Episodes

No wonder we got hooked on the series by the first episode. It is definitely one of the best Breaking Bad episodes. The episode showcased how Walt comes to know about his lung cancer and gets interested in the meth business. Also, he comes in contact with Jesse. Over time things get messed up and Walt kills Emilio.

2. “PEEKABOO” season 2, episode 6Best Breaking Bad Episodes

As the show went on, the character of Jesse Pinkman became everyone’s favorite. Even after he got involved with an unlawful profession of making and selling meth, he never went against his conscience and always tried to do the just thing. When White went ahead and made the unethical business empire, Jesse on the other hand always tried to do the ethical thing in this crazy wrong World.

Both of these characters were featured on our list of Worst Breaking Bad characters ever introduced by the showrunners. Don’t forget to check others on this list, too.

In this episode Jesse goes to a junkie’s house to collect the payment, when he goes in he finds a little child that is living in such bad conditions and starts to take care of him.

He plays Peek-a-boo with the kid and also prepares food for him when hungry. Finally, when the mother kills the father with an ATM machine Jesse calls 911 so that someone can take care of the child, as it is the only option left with him. This episode showcased Jessie as a person who deeply cared about others and was not just a criminal.

3. “Face Off” season 4, episode 13Best Breaking Bad Episodes

In the season 4 finale, Walt and Gus’s fight came to a conclusion. The episode was full of suspense and thrill, which earned it a place on this list of best Breaking Bad episodes.

In the episode, Walt teams up with Tio Salamanca because of their hatred for Gus is mutual. The episode showed the mysterious poisoning of Brock being solved and how Walt was behind all of this.

Walt made Jesse believe that Gus was behind all of this so that Jesse goes along with the plan of killing Gus. It was an amazing episode because no one actually imagined how Gus’s death takes place and how Walt proves that he was the smarter on amongst the two.

4. “PHOENIX” season 2, episode 12Best Breaking Bad Episodes

In this one of the best Breaking Bad episodes, Jane comes to know that Walt is holding up Jesse’s money and she blackmails Walt in giving the sum. After coming back from the bar at Jesse’s house Walt fails to help Jane as she dies in front of him.

5. “Ozymandias” season 5, episode 14Best Breaking Bad Episodes

This is the episode where Walt’s action goes against him. Whatever he feels for Jesse is over when he confesses that he saw Jane die. He used to keep his family relatively safe from all that he did but Hank gets trapped and is killed by Uncle Jack and the money is stolen by Jack’s gang. Hank’s death makes the whole family against Walt. Walt still cares about Skyler very much and also his children. Walt wanted his family to be safe and secure and wants to make sure that happened even if it meant kidnapping his own daughter.

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So, which of these best Breaking Bad episodes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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