5 Best of Ross Geller Moments on FRIENDS


Ross Geller from FRIENDS is remembered for his on-and-off relationship with Rachel, but when you think through the episodes, you will realize how often he made fans laugh hard. Friends is such a classic series that it always brings back great memories. The entire cast gave us countless amazing moments. Ross Geller started as the serious, divorced guy. Not much long after the show started, we started to see him as the most romantic guy of our dreams. It just seems as though the longer the series went on, the better our favorite dinosaur lover became. From the times he is embarrassing, to the times he is funny, each one is adorable in its own way. Here are some of the best Ross Geller moments on Friends.

Spray Tan

Ross Geller MomentsSadly, his Mississippi counting mechanism doesn’t work here. He miscounts and gets sprayed twice in the front. Poor Ross. His pain is mocked by Chandler and he even snaps a photo to document the hilarity.


Ross Geller MomentsAnother one of the memorable Ross Geller moments was when Phoebe and Rachel signed up to learn self-defense, he decides to teach them the art of unagi. “Look, I studied karate for a long time, and there’s a concept you should really be familiar with. It’s what the Japanese call unagi,” were his exact words. It is “a state of total awareness,” definitely not a kind of sushi. Ross keeps trying to scare them to test their awareness. Things got worse when he confronted the self-defense teacher and asked for tips on how to attack women.


Ross Geller MomentsRoss and Rachel carry Ross’s new couch it to his apartment, but they run into a snag on the stairwell. Rachel calls Chandler, and those three try to get the massive thing up the stairs. It doesn’t entirely go well even with Ross constantly “coaching” them through it.

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The sandwich

Ross Geller MomentsWe all love sandwiches, right? But Ross loves Monica’s sandwiches more than we can imagine. t work, Ross realizes that someone ate his leftover turkey sandwich, that was his only ray of hope and lost his cool. Not only did the man steal the special sandwich, but he also threw the majority of the sandwich in the trash when it was too big for him to eat.

The Holiday Armadillo

Ross Geller MomentsWhen the holidays are around, there’s always a lot to talk about Santa and the fun that comes along with Christmas. Ross is elated about Christmas, but he also wanted his part-Jewish son, Ben to know about Hanukkah and look forward to it. So, decides to come up with his own way to celebrate. Thus, we are introduced to the holiday armadillo that is Ross dressed up as the giant, scaly, turtle-like creature.

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So, which os these Ross Geller moments is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. The one where Ross can’t get his leather pants back on!!
    and The one where Ross whitens his teeth!!
    and let’s not forget “Lift… and Slide..”