5 Harry Potter Theories That Actually Made A Lot Of Sense


It has been a long time since the Harry Potter Movies and books have come to an end, even then, various theories by fanatics keep surfacing on the internet. For a series so amazing, fans can’t help but make up their own alternate explanations for events that have really happened. The craziest part, some theories actually make a lot of sense and fit perfectly into the story. Let us take a look at 5 such Harry Potter theories that will get you to think.

5 Harry Potter Theories That Make Complete Sense 

1. Professor Trelawney Was RightHarry Potter Theories

This is one of the most sensible Harry Potter theories ever known. In Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, she makes an attempt to guess when Harry was born. She tells Harry that he was born in Midwinter. Of course, as we all know that he was born in July, but Tom Riddle’s birth date was 31st December. During that time, the soul of Voldemort resided in Harry. So, I guess Professor Trelawney isn’t as useless as she seems to be to most of the fans.

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2. Harry, Snape, And Voldemort Are BrothersHarry Potter Theories

The “Tale of Three Brothers” is the story of these three. Here Dumbledore is considered as their death. The story goes this way- the three brothers have an encounter with death on their way and the death offers them something they want deeply and wants their souls in return. The first brother is hungry for power so he gets the wand. The second wanted his wife back from the dead, so he got the stone of resurrection. The third brother is given the invisibility cloak as he wants to stay hidden from death. Harry goes in the afterlife, having a conversation with Dumbledore. Voldemort died for power and Snape for love. This is one of those Harry Potter theories that makes a lot of sense and is fascinating.

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3. Hagrid Couldn’t Father ChildrenHarry Potter Theories

Hagrid has half giant and half human blood and that makes him a hybrid. Most of the hybrids can’t reproduce. Maybe this is the reason why he is so attached to animals, beasts and of course, the children of Hogwarts.

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4. Mrs. Norris Is Filch’s WifeHarry Potter Theories

The way Filch held on to a cat might indicate that she was more than just a pet. It might be possible that his wife underwent a horrific transformation and became a cat. He loved her and therefore couldn’t let go of the cat. Perhaps this is the reason why he was so mean and cranky all the time.

5. A War Happened Between The Wizards And The Muggles

This theory suggests that the muggles won the war between them and the wizards sometime in the past. Maybe this is the reason why wizards always hide from muggles. Also, Hogwarts was created as a means to keep the supernatural world away from muggles.

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So, which of these Harry Potter theories sound the most convincing to you? Let us know in the comments below.