5 Reasons That Indicate That FRIENDS Is A Bad Show And Is Overrated


FRIENDS TV show was all about middle-aged six people who hang around a coffee house and became an instant hit. It is a decent show. It’s charming, calming, and watchable. It was okay to watch when there were no better options. Here we give you five reasons that prove that FRIENDS is a bad show and is way too overrated:

1. The storyline:

This is one of the first reasons why I think that FRIENDS is a bad show. I know a lot of people would disagree to this but to be honest there was no real storyline in the show. It’s just the daily life of few people that happen to be neighbors; no extraordinary writing is seen in any of the seasons. The story doesn’t go anywhere beyond dating, marriage and the infamous “we were on a break”.

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2. It was too focused on dating:

The show should have been renamed as “couples”. In each and every season the characters are shown dating either each other or people outside but that’s all. Dating problems, issues and, couples. As if people had absolutely no other work to do and that too for ten long years. Are you kidding me?

3. Fake Backgrounds:

The fake backgrounds indicate that FRIENDS Is A Bad Show. What it means is that although all the characters from the show came from different socio-economic backgrounds all of them still managed to wear fancy clothes and live in a big apartment in New York City. Were Monica is a part-time chef and Rachel works in the coffee shop, Joey is a struggling actor who is out off Job most of the times, and Phoebe who is a masseuse has her own apartment. How do they manage all that? Isn’t it strange? Any person who lives in New York City would not understand how they live in such a fancy place.

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4. No Ambitions:

None of the characters in the FRIENDS TV show, not even Joey seemed to be serious about their careers. Sure they were shown to change jobs and all but that was just the narrative to take things forward. Their careers didn’t really seem a part of their lives to be true. Another crucial reason claiming why FRIENDS is a bad show.

5. Strange situations and boring Jokes:

Ross not caring much about Emma when Rachel was about to leave for France was definitely weird. Also apart from all, this the jokes were not that funny, quite average, some of them irritating, for example, the fat jokes which were repeated again for Monica, and how dumb Rachel was. Also, Chandler and homophobic jokes were a lethal combination in the first place.

All of that being said, the main point here is that if you don’t like friends, it not a big deal. Even though the show is good with some punchlines but it is definitely not worth the hype that surrounds it. After all, it is no Game Of Thrones! The lack of a storyline is what makes the show repetitive.

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So, what do you think about the above-mentioned points? Let us know in the comments below whether FRIENDS is a bad show or not.

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