Big Bang Theory Sucks: 5 Reasons Why TBBT Is Not Funny And Is Overrated


The Big Bang theory is an American television show and was created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. The show is mainly about four nerdy boys and a blonde girl whom one of them has a crush on. Although the show began with an interesting plot, slowly fans have started losing interest in it. It’s kind of overrated. Here we give you reasons that prove why big bang theory sucks:

The Big Bang Theory Is Not Funny

The show has lost its originality:

Lack of originality is one of the reasons why big bang theory sucks. The Big Bang Theory began with a group of friends who are scientists and how they interact with a beautiful non-studious girl, but the story has lost its plot somewhere in between. The original concept is seen nowhere.

Jokes Are Boring:

The write-up of the show isn’t that funny, it was in the beginning, but not anymore. The jokes are repetitive, just mixed with some scientific concept and that’s it. Only penny and Amy bring a certain amount of humor to the show. All the other characters like Raj, Leonard and Sheldon are not funny at all. You will agree that we don’t really laugh at the jokes anymore.

The humor comes just with a reference to the nerdy stuff, most of the times the jokes are quite racist, homophobic or sexist. Also, we cannot forget the weird pause they have after every sentence for the laughter. Seriously you can sit throughout the show with no laugh at all. Another solid reason why The Big Bang Theory sucks.

The Characters Are Lame:

The show is just about stereotypes and that’s where it becomes completely unacceptable. All the nerds are shown as people who have a difficulty in getting into relationships. Penny is shown as a blonde girl who is dumb. Howard is a Jewish stereotype, Sheldon is shown as weird as he has Asperger’s syndrome. People should understand that these are real disorders that should not be made fun of.

The Show Has Nothing New To Offer:

As the seasons have progressed there have been very little changes made to take the story forward, in a sense it has become stagnant. The jokes are repetitive and the changes in characters like that of Sheldon haven’t been entertaining at all which is why big bang theory sucks nowadays.

It’s Just A Bad Attempt To Remake FRIENDS:

You will agree that FRIENDS had such likable characters that even after so many years we were not bored by any of them. On the other, and The Big Bang theory doesn’t have such adorable characters. They seem to be inactive and boring. The show is very predictable. It completely lacked any kind of character development from season four.

The Big Bang Theory sucks

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Maybe The Big Bang Theory is not completely awful but it surely is extremely hyped. These were our reasons as to why The Big Bang Theory sucks and is not funny anymore. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.