5 Worst couples of The Vampire Diaries You Need To Know About


Putting the supernatural stuff aside, The Vampire Diaries is mostly about relationships. While there are friendships we love and couples we’d die to see together, there are breakups that relieve us. Here is a list of 5 worst couples of The Vampire Diaries whose relationship was meant to be doomed.

Jeremy and Anna

Worst couples of The Vampire DiariesThe first two names on this list of worst couples of The Vampire Diaries are Jeremy and Anna, who just ended up using each other. He used her to become a vampire, and she used him to resurrect her mother. They were a normal couple for a bit, but Anna died. This relationship was built on lies. He was also using her to bring back dead Vicki. They did eventually fall in love for real only for Anna to die a sudden death, and Jeremy was romancing over a ghost making that super annoying.

Stefan and Rebekah

Worst couples of The Vampire DiariesThey had a fling in the 1920s when Stefan was a ripper. Back then they weren’t that bad.Then the white oak dagger put Rebekah into a dead state, and she was happy to see Stefan when she woke up. However, he has moved on. In fact, they were pretty much romantic, and Klaus staked her to keep them away from each other. But when we later realize that Rebekah was desperate for a man and nearly falls in love with every other guy. Plus back then, Stefan was a ripper and wasn’t stable enough for a real relationship.

Stefan and Katherine

Worst couples of The Vampire DiariesKatherine is the reason of Salvatore brothers being vampires. She turned them in 1864, and her feelings for Stefan lasted until present day. But it turns out Stefan isn’t feeling the same way anymore. Stefan is way too nice for her. Think of all of the melodrama that could have been avoided if these two never got together! But when they were together, Katherine was also hooking up with Damon. What kind of love is this? Their relationship was toxic and tiring. Luckily it ended.

Tyler & Caroline

Worst couples of The Vampire DiariesThe next name on this list of worst couples of The Vampire Diaries is Tyler and Caroline. They grew closer when she helped him in his early days of being a werewolf. Initially, their relationship was great, but when Tyler started getting jealous of Klaus, everything went to hell. Tyler was way more focused on getting his revenge than being with Caroline, which tore them apart. Caroline deserved much better.

Alaric & Isobel

Worst couples of The Vampire DiariesAlaric was probably hoping to have a nice happy home with his wife. But she ran off to be a vampire and have a more exciting life. Moreover, Isobel walked all over him when they came face to face. There was obviously no love there to make it work.

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So, who among these worst couples of The Vampire Diaries is your least favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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