7 How I Met Your Mother Theories That Are Creepy As Hell!!!


Whenever a show becomes popular, the internet is filled with all sorts of fan theories. The same case happened with How I Met Your Mother. Let us take a look at some How I Met Your Mother Theories that most of the fans haven’t considered ever!

The Look-Alikes Were A Representations Of The Lead’s Personal Desires
How I Met Your Mother Theories

Think about it. Lesbian Robin was a tougher version of herself that her father desired. Barney was a gynecologist who got to examine women all day. Wrestler Ted was strong, unlike his original self. Stripper Lily represented the raunchiness of Lily. Mustache Marshall was a lawyer that of course had a mustache that Marshall couldn’t grow.

Why Ted’s Voice Sounds Different

It’s another one of those How I Met Your Mother Theories that many people did pay no attention to ever. We all know that the voice was a different actor than the one who played Ted. But a Reddit user pointed out that Ted might have portrayed a stylish version of himself in front of his kids.

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Ted Is Suffering From Alzheimer’s

The reason why Ted was so adamant on narrating his story to his kids even though they were clearly not interested is that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Regardless of whether you agree with it or not, this is one of the many How I Met Your Mother theories that make complete sense.

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Ted Wrote The Playbook

Did anyone notice the beautiful calligraphy? It is extremely plausible that Ted wrote the playbook as he is the only one in the show that is so fond of calligraphy.

Ted Is Lying

There is no one else in the room to challenge the facts Ted is narrating. He could have easily lied about the girls he slept with and how attractive they were. Maybe he was trying to pretend that he was cooler than he actually was.

Ted Is Dead

This might sound like a ghost story but it is possible that Ted died before the story was narrated to his kids. Since he always wanted his kids to know how he met their mother he wrote it all in a journal. Perhaps, just like Tracy, he knew he was dying or worse, when Tracy died, he committed suicide since he couldn’t imagine his life without her. Afterall he found the love of his life after a great deal of search. It makes sense that he lost the will to live after he lost his wife. According to the theory, someone else, say, their stepdad is narrating Ted’s journal to them as this was his last wish.

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Barney Is Not A Jerk
How I Met Your Mother Theories

This is one of those very few How I Met Your Mother theories that will give a tough time to many fans, yet you cannot ignore it. Ted had an ulterior motive to his story. He knowingly portrayed Barney as a jerk with no regard and dignity for women because Robin fell for him and that made him insanely jealous. Maybe Barney dated girls like a normal person would and Ted couldn’t land in a long-term relationship not because he was a hopeless romantic but because he was over-possessive and controlling. He just wanted his kids to see that Ted was the one who actually deserved o be with Robin, not Barney. That is the reason why he smeared Barney’s image.

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Can you imagine if any of these theories were true? This would have changed the entire course of events in the show. Which one among these shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments below.