7 Pretty Little Liars worst couples you should look at right away


Pretty Little Liars has provided viewers with never-ending plotlines and cliffhangers than anyone ever thought possible. The show has also graced us with really amazing couples over the years. But there are some cringe worthy couples that fans do not like to watch even for a few seconds. We’re hoping all the Liars end up happy, but it’s been a long road to get there, littered with stalkers, sketch balls, and some just plain useless and boring people. A lot of matches have proved to be wrong in so many ways on this show. Take a look at 7 Pretty Little Liars worst couples.

Emily and Alison

Pretty Little Liars worst couples

This brief, complicated, on and off coupling is on the top of the list because, half the time, Alison was manipulating Emily. Ali pushed Emily too far. She Loved to toy with her feelings. In several flashbacks, we have seen just how much this pull and push was breaking Emily emotionally.

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Aria and Noel

Pretty Little Liars worst couples

Can you imagine if these two would have dated long-term? They only lasted a brief time and, ultimately, Noel was concerned Aria was using him to make Ezra jealous. He’s always lurking around the wrong places at the wrong times.

Wren and Hanna

Pretty Little Liars worst couples

Nothing over here matches up! Hanna had a brief fling with Wren, which mostly involved a quick kiss and some medical treatment for her leg. These two were also just so, so strange. Luckily, it was only a very brief fling and was soon to be forgotten.

Byron and Meredith

Pretty Little Liars worst couples

Cheating on your lovely wife, Ella? Not a smart move Mr. Byron Montgomery. Aria caught Byron and Meredith cheating in early PLL flashbacks, then Meredith reappeared as a substitute teacher at Rosewood, flaring tensions between Byron and Ella all over again. Thankfully, Meredith completely left the picture after that totally psychotic time she locked Aria in the basement.

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Alison and Ezra

Pretty Little Liars worst couples

Apparently, the two had a bit of a romantic connection the summer before Ali disappeared. Ali had lied to him about her age and, once he found out the truth, he ended things. Frankly, a selfish girl like Ali didn’t quite deserve a guy like Ezra.

Emily and Sara

Pretty Little Liars worst couples

Sara Harvey seemed like she was bad news from the very minute she was introduced into the series. She was secretly working for Charlotte the whole time she was dating Emily and even seemed willing to blow the Liars up. Emily being sweet and innocent as always just didn’t see it. But we really liked that punch she gave Sara afterward. To be honest, we still don’t feel sorry for Sara’s hands.

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Cece and Jason

Pretty Little Liars worst couples

The viewers were confused enough to find out Cece had been Big ‘A’ all along. But more than that fans were disgusted by the fact that Cece dated Jason years ago. And, now we’ve learned they’re siblings? She told Alison they didn’t sleep together, but they did kiss! It is unbelievable that Marlene resorted to such kind of incest.

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So, which couple out of these 7 Pretty Little Liars worst couples is your least favorite? Let us know in the comments below.