7 Reasons That Will Make You Hate Phoebe Buffay From FRIENDS


Without any doubt, Friends is an excellent T.V show and will always be. We have watched it for ten years, and will keep on reliving those memories. We all have our favorite Friends character. But there are moments on the show where I think to myself “Phoebe really needs help.” Here are some reasons why she is the worst character on FRIENDS and many fans hate Phoebe Buffay.

1. We all know she had a hard life, but even she will admit she uses her tragic story to manipulate people. She uses her mom’s suicide as a trump card.

hate Phoebe Buffay2. She adamantly doesn’t believe her friends when they are telling the truth. Remember the time when Rachel said that she kissed Melissa? Phoebe acted like she was the coolest of all and others are just, you know, “Vanilla.”

hate Phoebe Buffay3. What about the time when she took back the money for her wedding after donating to a children’s charity? Pheobe is always portrayed to be compassionate, but is she really? And such indecisiveness? May God have mercy on Mike’s soul!

hate Phoebe Buffay4. This is another reason why many people hate Phoebe Buffay. She mocks Chandler after he lands her a job. We are supposed to laugh it off whenever Phoebe mercilessly mocks Chandler because it’s a sitcom. But she took it too far in the first season when Chandler helps her out by letting her temp as his secretary. She thanks him by covering up their friendship in front of her colleagues (“Because, you know. they don’t like you.”) and joining in when they mock his tics and mannerisms.

hate Phoebe Buffay5. She revealed that Chandler was not Monica’s first choice. She is a BLOT ON FRIENDSHIP! In ‘The One With The Truth about London,’ Joey says that Monica and Chandler were meant to be. But Phoebe can’t let a sweet sentiment like that just lie: “Yeah, it’s totally meant to be! Tell him who you originally wanted to hook up with that night.” That was one of the meanest things she ever did on the show. She had to destroy such a precious moment for her two (so- called) best friends who were gonna get married. And that wasn’t enough. She again mocked Chandler with some hurtful gay joke after he stormed off.

hate Phoebe Buffay6. She is a big fat liar. She told Rachel she’d never been a maid of honor before so she could nab the role of Monica’s. Also, when Ben was fighting with a kid in his class who happened to be Sting’s son, she pretended to be one of Ben’s mothers to go to his house for concert tickets. Moreover, in a Thanksgiving episode, she actually taught Joey how to lie!

hate Phoebe Buffay7. Here goes the last reason that will make you hate Phoebe Buffay. Remember the episode where she tries to get her friends to realize that money isn’t everything? Great intentions! Sure, she dropped the lottery tickets, one of which was a $10,000 winner, but it is supposed to be ignored because she meant well! Here is the fact- Chandler was waiting to hear back on a critical job and was convinced that he wouldn’t get it. Although he ultimately got a better one, Phoebe didn’t know that and still threw away ten grand. Moreover, there is a fine line between not being greedy and throwing away money and disrespecting it. Imagine if Chandler hadn’t gotten the job. You wanna punch her right in the face, right?

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She has issues that fans seem to ignore. Issues such serious, that I’d rather be friends with Ursula. Now you can imagine the extent. What is the trait you find the most annoying? Let us know in the comments below.

What of these traits makes you hate Phoebe Buffay? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. You always check the bad sides!! Ever thought of the good things she’d done? And just remember that nobody’s perfect and sarcasm CAN go overboard.

  2. Ugh, I hate Phoebe, she’s the worst. Rude, manipulative, annoying. She spoils things, she says STUPID stuff and holds herself up to be a good person. I wish they had gotten rid of her!

  3. Reason 7 is not a reason because phoebe didnt want to drop money it was accident and she felt bad. And i dont know which reason was that but ı can easely understand phoebe about not giving her wedding money.did any character think something like that?noo she thought and she would do if she had a better life but anything in her life wasnt normal and she finaly decided that she wanted her wedding normal.you cant judge her over that,judge the everyone Who have great lives but still dont care the others.
    I would write more and defend her (cause i can) but youre hating her for nothing and that would be meanless

  4. Okay so I see the points here but seriously people, Pheobe is actually a great character! She really wanted to find her father for so long and when she found her real mother she rejoiced. She loved her family and was (somehow) willing to carry a baby for her brother and his wife (very weird but still). Every person and character has to have their bad moments and Pheobe just tends to blurt things out and lives a carefree life.