7 Worst T.V Couples You Should Look At Right Away


What’s a TV show without a little love and drama? Any good television series has its fair share of romance, but not all TV couples are actually good together. No sitcom on television can really survive without some kind of burgeoning romance. In the history of the American sitcom, there are more than a fair share of awkward or forced couples who simply don’t work. We all adore best T.V couples. Now, let us take a look at these worst T.V couples.

Penny and Leonard on The Big Bang TheoryWorst T.V couples

Penny and Leonard may be the show’s central couple since the beginning, but they are far from the perfect pair. People say that that Penny was too far out of Leonard’s league for the two to actually develop a romantic relationship. But the truth is the smart, intelligent and sensitive Leonard is out of the dumb, stupid and self-centered Penny. Penny is just awful. Even when she was barely making any money, not paying rent, she considered herself better than Leonard just because of her looks. Well, looks don’t matter even that much! All he wants is a trophy and all she wants is security. Beyond that, these two people have absolutely nothing in common.

She is always making a joke about how Leonard wouldn’t get any other woman. So, basically, a super dumb girl tells a genius that he is inferior to her. She is quite nasty to him, but it is done in a comedic way, so we are bound to laugh it off. She bragged way too much when she started making more money than Leonard. Did she forget all that Leonard did for him in the past few years? Moreover, she sold the car Leonard gifted to her saying she didn’t need it anymore, so she got rid of it. They’re only together because he fawned over her obsessively for several seasons and she’s dim-witted and open to suggestion. It makes for good comedy, but these two would never work in real life. So, they are one of the worst T.V couples ever. Such a couple is a cliche for a romantic T.V series.


Joey and Charlie on FRIENDSWorst T.V couples

They were way too different people. Charlie was indeed an awkward match for Joey. Also, they lacked the chemistry needed to make any sort of sparks on screen.

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Ted and Robin on How I Met Your MotherWorst T.V couples

Another couple among the worst T.V couples is Ted and Robin. Ted cheated on the adorable Victoria the day he decided to get together with Robin. So, the relationship was built on a faulty foundation. Moreover, Ted was never on Robin’s top priority list. It is one thing to be ambitious; it is entirely different to drag a person along when you know it is never gonna go any further. The show writers planned way too ahead. They knew they had to end up with Ted and Robin getting back together, so they even ignored the fact that they have already shown a way more awesome couple- Barney and Robin. After nine years of asking the audience to care about the identity of the woman in the title and after introducing the most adorable of all- Tracy the sudden about-face was utterly enraging. After all, Ted and Robin are no Ross and Rachel!

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Ross and Jill on FRIENDSWorst T.V couples

On this list of worst FRIENDS couples ever, Ross & Jill are placed at the first spot. Jill was Rachel’s bratty little sister who’s used to always getting what she wants. When Rachel tells her, she can’t have Ross, that makes her want her sister’s ex even more. The couple is really awkward, irritating, and one of the worst T.V couples. The lack of chemistry between Ross and Jill made it all the more difficult to watch.

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Stephanie and Leonard on The Big Bang TheoryWorst T.V couples

One of Leonard’s worst relationships of all was with Stephanie Barnett after it started off on the wrong foot when he met her when she was on a date with Howard. The two never seemed to have the right connection and were clearly not on the same page when it came to how quickly the relationship was moving. Fans could never fully get behind this couple due to the lack of chemistry.

Ted and Zoey How I Met Your MotherWorst T.V couples

They were practically enemies. Zoey Pierson was Ted’s love interest during Season 6. They meet outside of The Arcadian. GNB was planning on knocking down the Arcadian to build GNB’s new headquarters. Unfortunately, Zoey was standing in the way of Ted’s plans. Anyway, Ted fell for Zoey and made the decision to help her save the building. Apparently afterward, Ted changed his mind about knocking down the Arcadian. That pretty much ruined Ted and Zoey’s relationship. Moreover, the way it ended made fans hate Zoey’s guts. To sum up, Zoey is responsible for making this pair one of the worst T.V couples.

Leslie and Leonard on The Big Bang TheoryWorst T.V couples

Leslie Winkle has added a whole new level of humor to the episodes she appears in, but her relationship with Leonard just didn’t work. Leonard was much too needy and Leslie was only looking for a hook-up rather than actual dating.

So, which one is your least favorite among these worst T.V couples. Let us know in the comments below.


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