A Whole New Perspective On How HIMYM Isn’t A Copy Of FRIENDS


FRIENDS vs HIMYM! This is something that a sitcom diehard faces time to time. The most common misconception is that How I Met Your Mother is copied from FRIENDS. Both shows are awesome and unique in their own way. The concept of young New Yorkers facing life together is not a unique one. So if two shows are built on the same foundation, that doesn’t mean that one is copied from another. So, let us take a look at some differences between the two sitcoms that bust the myth of HIMYM being copied from FRIENDS and resolve the FRIENDS vs HIMYM crisis.FRIENDS vs HIMYM

1. FRIENDS is going on in real time and hence is more accurate. How I Met Your Mother, on the other hand, is a story narrated by someone and is going on in flashback. There are lesser chances of the story being completely accurate.

2. Another FRIENDS vs HIMYM fact is that FRIENDS is pure comedy. HIMYM is a serious story with punches in between. So putting both of these shows in the category of sitcoms is a little unfair. FRIENDS always ended with something funny.

3. Rachel and Joey from Friends and Berney and Robin from How I Met your mother are often taken down as a similarity between these two shows which is absolutely false.

Fans say that HIMYM copied the concept of Barney falling in love with his best friend’s ex from Joey and Rachel’s minor flirtation and that Joey fell in love with his best friend’s ex. That might sound inspired but it is definitely not copied. What Barney and Robin had was a deep, meaningful and serious relationship where they fell madly in love with each other, not to forget, they even got married.

On the other hand, Joey was in love with Rachel but Rachel just had a crush on him. Moreover, they fell for each other at different times. When Joey started having feelings for Rachel, she wasn’t in the same place as him. Even after some time when Rachel started to feel for Joey and confessed, Joey kind of just went along with it. They went out only for a week.

So, Rachel and Joey from Friends vs Berney and Robin from How I Met your mother is an as pointless comparison as FRIENDS vs HIMYM. Barney and Robin are way better!FRIENDS vs HIMYM

4. Another greatest couple confusion was between Ross and Rachel from Friends and Ted and Robin from How I Met your mother. No offense to HIMYM fans, but Ted and Robin are no Ross and Rachel. Although, Ted and Robin’s romance was great to watch when it was at its peak but they wanted different things in life so they split up. It was that simple, no big deal!

These kinds of relationships come and go in everybody’s life and people happily move on after some time. Ross and Rachel were deeply in love with each other even after they split up. They kept finding their way back to each other while Ted and Robin just drifted apart. Another FRIENDS vs HIMYM confusion resolved!

5. Last but not the least, the unforgivable How I Met Your Mother finale. Friends finale was beyond perfection! Even though everything in life isn’t perfect but HIMYM writers killed off the amazing Tracy to just cram up the whole Ted and Robin thing, expecting fans to take it the way they took the Ross and Rachel reunion.

They broke our hearts after making us fall in love with these two couples- Tracy and Ted and Barney and Robin. Friends writers were cautious enough not to let the fans get fond of the Joy and Rachel chemistry so much that it would ruin the finale for them. Friends finale gave us tears of joy whereas HIMYM finale was immensely painful. If you ask for a FRIENDS vs HIMYM finale poll then FRIENDS would definitely get more votes!FRIENDS vs HIMYM

So, what do you think of the above differences and the FRIENDS vs HIMYM crisis? Let us know in the comments below.