Aria is Mary Drake’s daughter: 8 Reasons This Pretty Little Liars Theory (Aria is Uber A) Would Have Made A Perfect Sense


There are many households in Rosewood capable of bearing children who are turning out to be game-changing secrets. We are quite familiar with the family webs of the Hastings and the DiLaurentis family. But that doesn’t give us the right to underestimate the Montgomeries and the Drakes! It’s a possibility that A.D. – the acronym being used by Über A could actually stand for Aria Drake. There have been many theories since the starting of the series that Aria is the big villain or Aria is Uber A or at least a part of the team. Her latest involvement with A.D. proves the same. Did it ever occur to you why only Aria was given the offer to join the team? Here are eight reasons that might make you think that Aria is Mary Drake’s daughter. After all, we can’t rule out anything just before the Pretty Little Liars series finale

Aria is Uber A

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  1. Scott Montgomery, Byron’s brother is Aria’s real father and Mary Drake is her mother. Scott had mental problems, so was admitted in Radley and there he met Mary.
  2. If Aria is Uber A, then the explanation behind this would have to be the history of mental illness running in the family.Aria is Uber A
  3. Eddie Lamb recognized Aria. Remember back in season 5 when Aria volunteered at Radley? Our favorite orderly, Eddie Lamb, definitely recognized her from somewhere, and Aria definitely knew where that was from. Only the funny thing is, we’ve never seen Aria and Eddie share a scene together before this. Why would Eddie know who she is? Maybe because she herself was at Radley once before.Aria is Uber A
  4. We haven’t seen too much of the Montgomery family for the last few seasons. Maybe the writers have done this on purpose to make the big reveal all the more surprising.
  5. Why would the series have bothered to even bring Scott up at if they didn’t plan on incorporating him into the story later on? PLL never does anything for no reason.
  6. Aria was later given to Byron and Ella since neither Mary or Scott would’ve been able to take care of her. So they decided to pass her off as their own daughter and never let anyone know the truth. Sounds familiar? The Hastings did the same. It’s a Rosewood trend after all!
  7. A lot of emphasis has been given to team ‘Sparia’ throughout the series. If Spencer and Aria were sisters, that’d make perfect sense!
  8. A.D. stole Aria and Noel Kahn’s files from Jessica’s cellar. However, it was only Noel’s files that were burnt. Aria’s files, on the other hand, were kept seemingly for future use.

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Aria is Uber A

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So, what do you think about this theory? Could it still be possible that Aria is Uber A considering that she could be a Drake? Let us know in the comments below.

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