Best of Cobie Smulders- Robin from HIMYM


Cobie Smulders- Robin from HIMYM is one hell of a lady who enjoys drinking scotch, shooting guns, smoking cigars, and using the phrase “but um” when she’s on the air. We’ve known this news anchor since the pilot of  How I Met Your Mother. Robin is “Aunt Robin” and not the Mother, which has at times frustrated those viewers who wanted Ted and Robin to stay together after seeing them date in Season 2. 

Facts About Cobie Smulders

Robin has long been an integral part of the gang, despite being the last one to join.  Let us take a look at the best of Robin from HIMYM.

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Season 2, “Slap Bet”Robin from HIMYM

the slap bet is only the second best thing in this episode after ‘Let’s Go To The Mall’. Both plot points are brilliantly intertwined. When Robin refuses to go to the Mall, Marshall thinks she probably got married in one; Barney is sure she used to do porn. The resulting tape proves neither are true: Robin was a Canadian pop star named Robin Sparkles.

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Season 4, “Woooo!”

Single Robin feels shafted out of alone time with her married BFF. So Robin joins Lily and her teacher friends only to discover the ladies (led by Jamie-Lynn Sigler) are that breed of women who squeal over everything from half-price shots to cheesy songs and jokingly refer to each other in the most debasing terms. But before long, Robin is hanging out of a stretch hummer in a tiny cowboy hat and swilling from a bottle, leading to a Seussian exchange between her and Lily. Barney’s sermon on the importance of Woo girls is priceless, and the redemptive twist is that the Woos are actually smart women letting loose at the bar — which is what Robin needs.

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Season 4, “Front Porch”

Lily justifies her excuse for meddling in Ted’s love life (planting Creed CDs, etc.) by explaining that her method for evaluating his girlfriends involves considering whether they’ll be any fun when the gang is old. The fact that they’re all gathered to watch Robin’s ridiculously early morning show. Robin extinguishes the chef in a disastrous cooking segment, resuscitates the weatherman, and delivers a baby, all of which her friends miss. Eventually, Lily admits she planted the seeds that broke Robin and Ted up.

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Season 5, “Jenkins”Robin from HIMYM

Ted is bummed to discover that his students are bigger fans of Robin Scherbatsky than their own prof. But when he tells Robin that the kids have created a drinking game out of her low-rent-morning-show filler — she reflexively says “but, umm” between thoughts — she tortures them by overdoing it to the point that Ted and his class are sidelined by a hangover.

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Season 7, “Symphony of Illumination”

Robin thinks she’s pregnant only to learn she never will be. the episode is framed as Robin’s conversation with the son and daughter she’s never going to have. This is also one of the most chilly moments on HIMYM.

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Over the course of the series, she told Ted when he was being a douche, she became Lily’s best friend, she bonded with Marshall over cold weather and sports and eventually fell in love with Barney, of course, due to the very obvious awesomeness. So, which one of the above best moments of Robin from HIMYM is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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