Best Episodes of How I Met Your Mother


The series ‘How I met your mother’ is framed as a story that an older Ted is telling his kids about how he met their mother. The show is more about the journey than the final destination. Although we don’t get to know who the Mother is until the last season, we get to watch the incredible journey of Ted and his friends over nine years. Here are some of the best episodes of How I Met Your Mother that you should check out once again if you’re a HIMYM fan-


Best Episodes of How I Met Your Mother - S02E09Slap Bet is one of the best episodes of How I Met Your Mother. It introduces two jokes that continue for the entire series: the slap bet between Marshall and Barney and Robin Sparkles. Robin hated malls and never explain why, leading the group to wonder what her secret was. Barney thinks that she has done adult movies and Marshall guesses that Robin got married at a mall. So, They make a bet that whoever is wrong gets to slap from the other.

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Barney finds out a video from Robin’s past. Assuming that it’s porn, he slaps Marshall. But it turns out to be a cheesy music video for the song “Let’s Go to the Mall,” by Robin as a teenage pop star in Canada. It features Robin dancing in a jean jacket. This reveal meant that Barney was wrong, and Marshall gets to slap him five times till eternity. He gives out the first slap right away and saves the others for upcoming episodes.


Best Episodes of How I Met Your Mother - S05E05Barney Stinson became the biggest fan favorite from the start with his womanizing antics amazing catchphrases. In fact, he had a book full of his outlandish schemes to pick women. The concept of the playbook could be disgusting to many, but given that the plays are like “The Lorenzo von Matterhorn,” it is also hilarious.

Barney is ready to play the field again after ending a committed relationship with Robin and looks out for the playbook again. We see his plays come into action as he explains them to his friends. In this episode, he sits in the bar wearing a scuba suit getting ready to implement a play called “The Scuba Diver,” Lily warns the girl Barney is targeting. To her surprise, Barney admits that he is taking his breakup with Robin really hard, causing the girl to feel sorry for him and give him a second chance. Afterwards, it turns out that this moment of vulnerability was just another part of a larger play.


Best Episodes of How I Met Your Mother - S05E12This is show’s 100th episode that celebrates the milestone by giving us the maximum clues about the Mother. Ted starts dating Cindy, who couldn’t stop complaining about her roommate. This roommate is actually the mother! Ted learns that she creates paintings of robots playing sports and also plays bass guitar. He discovers he has a lot in common with this mystery woman. He also accidentally leaves his yellow umbrella at her apartment, which plays an important role in their eventual meeting.

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Barney is facing a difficult choice. He has his eye on the sexy bartender at MacLaren’s, but she hates men who wear suits. She gives him a CHOICE: her or his suits. Barney launches into a great musical number about how he could never abandon his suits for a woman. But he changes his mind and hooks up with her.


Best Episodes of How I Met Your Mother - S01E10After taking five “Red Dragon” shots, Ted wakes up with a girl in his bed and a pineapple on his nightstand with no memory of the previous night. He also has a sprained ankle and burnt his coat.

According to the information he gathers, he thinks the girl in his bed is Robin, but actually she is a girl named Trudy who he met at the bar. Ted took those shots to stop overthinking but ended up making stuff more complicated.

The source of the mysterious pineapple was revealed in a deleted scene from a season 9. It shows that Ted finally remembers how he stole the pineapple from The Captain’s doorstep.


Best Episodes of How I Met Your Mother - S02E07The title is based on Barney’s misspelled name on a coffee cup. This little thing becomes a big joke throughout the episode, as the gang continuously refers to Barney as Swarley making him more and more upset. Single after breaking up with Lily, Marshall asks out the barista. Ted and Barney warn him about her “crazy eyes.” Lily interrupts his date to stop him from kissing that woman. In the end, Marshall and Lily get back together.


Best Episodes of How I Met Your Mother - S03E09In this episode, Lily and Marshall host their first Thanksgiving. Lily is preparing dinner, but Marshall gets ready to give out the third slap of his slap bet to Barney. He taunts Barney continuously.

Meanwhile, Ted and Robin decide they shouldn’t be friends anymore as it is awkward, but a joke between them resurfaces during dinner, and they realize that maybe there is a hope for their friendship.

Even though Lily put a halt to the slap bet because it was ruining Thanksgiving dinner, she lets Marshall slap Barney at the last moment.


Best Episodes of How I Met Your Mother - S03E13At an appointment to get his butterfly tattoo removed, Ted bonds with his dermatologist Stella. Stella warns him that she’ll say no even if Ted asks her out after the sessions, but he doesn’t give up. During this time her receptionist Abby develops a crush on Ted.

Marshall makes an appointment with Stella and finds out that she likes Ted. When Ted asks her out after the last session, she still declines and gave him the reason. She doesn’t have time to date because she has a daughter to take care of. He surprises her by taking her on a two-minute date. This romantic gesture is really cute.


Best Episodes of How I Met Your Mother - S09E16Here comes the last of the best episodes of How I Met Your Mother. It’s when we are finally introduced to the Mother whose name is Tracy. She turns out to be wonderful, totally living up to the high expectations set for the character. Tracy had found her soulmate who passed away tragically. Alone at the Farhampton Inn, she sings a beautiful version of “Le Vie En Rose,” which is overheard by Ted.

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So which of these best episodes of How I Met Your Mother is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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