10 Best Game Of Thrones Episodes That Totally Kept Us Hooked To The Screen


There is no doubt in saying that every single episode of Game Of Thrones is a thrilling adventure for fans. But there are some that still stand out as the best among all. Let us take a look at top 10 best Game Of Thrones episodes so far.

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1.) Blackwater (S02E9) Best Game Of Thrones Episodes

It is one of the Best Game Of Thrones Episodes. In this episode Stannis’s forces attack King’s Landing, we get to see the real strength of wildfire, Tyrion shows himself a worthy leader and here Cersei shows she can go to any limits to keep her children safe. The show’s first large-scale battle was a mix of tense drama and action as Stannis fiercely attacked King’s Landing.

2.) The Mountain And The Viper (S04E8) Best Game Of Thrones Episodes

There are many special moments in this episode. Sansa learns to play the game and Daenerys’ deportation of Jorah were both outstanding moments. Oberyn’s brutal death ruined Tyrion and reminded us once again that on GOT, even the heroes aren’t safe.

After Tyrion demands a trial by combat for Joffrey’s murder, Oberyn Martell faces off with “The Mountain”. Unfortunately, Oberyn’s stubbornness for The Mountain to confess to raping and then murdering his sister turns his almost-success into one of the most brutal death scenes on GOT ever and Tyrion is sentenced to die. ‘The Mountain and the Viper’ delivers screen-hooking final scene totally worth the wait.

3.) Hardhome (S05E8) Best Game Of Thrones Episodes

The true meaning of “winter is coming” is clear in the last 20 minutes of “Hardhome,” as the Night’s King’s army is set free on the Wildings. We saw their true power and it was a horrifying glory. Jon has been portrayed as the true leader. The final shot when the Night King brought the dead back to life with ease was spectacular.

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4.) Battle Of The Bastards (S06E9) Best Game Of Thrones Episodes

It is a storming episode, where Jon’s Northern alliance took on Ramsay Bolton’s army in Winterfell. It was dramatic and filled with action. It ended with the long-awaited death of Ramsay and the Starks took back in Winterfell. It earned Game Of Thrones a record six Emmys.

 5.) The Winds Of Winter (S6E10)

Best Game Of Thrones Episodes

This episode was indeed full of awe. We saw Jon Snow as the King In The North. Arya finally had her revenge on Walder Frey and Danaerys finally set sail for Westeros. Cersei also took an extremely severe action to free herself from her enemies using wildfire to literally burn them all- High Sparrow, Margaery, Loras, and the others. After the attack, Tommen killed himself. It was the longest and the most-watched episode of Game of Thrones. By killing 11 regular cast members, “The Winds of Winter” left fans wondering as to what impact will it leave on the show’s final outcome.

6.) “Winter Is Coming” (S01E01)

Best Game Of Thrones Episodes

The very first episode of GOT is how you got enthusiastic about the show. It also displays a clear picture of the lively life of the Starks before Robert took Ned with him. Fans were able to find out why Ned had to leave Winterfell, what was going on between Jaime and Cersei and how Bran become paralyzed. This was the trigger that incited a war between the Starks and the Lannisters.

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7.) Baelor” (S01E09)Best Game Of Thrones Episodes

Most fans assumed that the whole thing was going to be Ned’s epic journey for justice. But when Ned was executed by Joffrey’s orders, we learned that GOT wasn’t going to be fairy-tale-like.

8.) “Fire And Blood” (S01E10)Best Game Of Thrones Episodes

As the news of Ned’s execution spread through the Seven Kingdoms, Robb was announced the King in the North, Tyrion was named the Hand of the King and Jon began his first expedition beyond the Wall. Last but not the least Dany walked out of flames completely unharmed with three dragons. This was the beginning of another important story.

9.) “And Now His Watch Is Ended” (S03E04)Best Game Of Thrones Episodes

The final scene of this episode shows the rise of a new power. After gaining control of the Unsullied, Dany commands her new army to kill  Astapor’s masters, beginning her long crusade against slavery. Jaime lost a hand and Ramsay’s true nature was revealed.

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10.) “The Lion And The Rose” Season 4, Episode 2Best Game Of Thrones Episodes

One of the Best Game Of Thrones Episodes involved another wedding! This episode ended much better than the infamous Red Wedding. The wedding involved another shocking yet pleasant death. Joffrey gets poisoned and dies a bleeding, choking death that was the reason why fans started to give this episode the name, “The Purple Wedding.”

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So, which one of these Best Game Of Thrones Episodes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.