Best of Joey and Chandler moments on Friends


The entire cast gave us countless amazing moments but nothing beats the scenes when Joey and Chandler are together. One cannot deny about all the beautiful lessons Joey and Chandler’s bromance taught us about Friendship. This is also considered “The Best On-Screen Bromance Of All Time”. And the scenes with the two are together are beyond hilarious. Many of us are still upset how there was a steady decline of Joey and Chandler adventures in the latter half of the series. So, we made a list of best of Joey and Chandler moments on FRIENDS. Let us take a look at them.

  1. When They Babysit Ben

    Best of joey and chandler

Joey and Chandler babysit Ben because Joey thought that being out and about in the city with a baby will help them meet women. While riding the city bus, sure enough, they meet two women and after convincing them to go on a date, Joey and Chandler get so preoccupied with talking to the women they realize that they got off the bus without Ben. When they finally went to the Human Services, they couldn’t figure out which child is Ben. In the end, despite Joey and Chandler’s attempts to get Ben back unnoticed, Ross Geller still finds out when he goes to change Ben’s diaper and it says, “Property of human services.” But Chandler tries to protect Joey from a furious Ross by putting himself in front, screaming, “Run Joey! Run!”

  1. When They Got The Chick And The Duck

    Best of joey and chandler

Near the end of Season 3, two amazing characters were introduced: a tiny chick, and a fully-grown duck. Although Chandler was initially reluctant, but later the chick and the duck became an integral part of his life too.

  1. When Joey Found Out About Mondler

    Best of joey and chandler

Monica forgot her eyelash curler in the hotel room, where she and Chandler went for their “secret vacation”. Now, this is when Joey finds out about ‘Mondler’. He was the first one to know about this, but he didn’t let the secret out. Chandler’s best friend and a perfect secret keeper!

  1. When Joey Hid In A Box

This is one of the best of joey and chandler moments in the show. Remember when Joey hides in a box and plans to scare Chandler? Joey begins to giggle and Chandler gets to know he is hiding in the box. Still, just to make him happy, chandler plays along with joey’s kiddish and silly pranks.

  1. Joey Bought The Barcaloungers

    Best of joey and chandler

Joey started making money when he got a new big acting gig on Days of Our Lives, so he goes out bought some things for the apartment like a big screen TV and two leather recliners, one for him and one for Chandler. Chandler is so excited, he jumps up and down and says, “which one is mine?!” and Joey says, “whichever one you want, buddy.” The two recline back at the same time, pull out the footrest and simultaneously let out a relaxing sigh. They end up spending the rest of the episode glued to the chairs in a television daze. Joey and Chandler spend so much time together in the following episodes, sitting side by side in their matching Barcaloungers that Joey even named his chair “Rosita” until Rachel ends up.

So, what is your favorite among these best of Joey and Chandler moments? Let us know in the comments below.

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