Best moments of Monica Geller from friends you should look at right away


Friends T.V Show may have ended over a decade ago, but Monica Geller played by Courtney Cox will live on forever. Monica was the glue holding the group together. In some way or the other, the group formed because of Monica. Ross is her brother, Phoebe was her roommate, Chandler was Ross’s best friend and he and Monica had a bit of storyline before the actual group formed (remember high school episodes?), Rachel was Monica’s college friend and Joey was Chandler’s roommate, who actually got naked in front of Monica when they first met. From her unique brand of micro-management to the humidity-induced Barbados ‘do she so boldly embraced, we’ve got the best Monica highlights of all 10 seasons here. Whether she’s obsessively cleaning or even vacuuming her vacuum (yup she actually did that), her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is always off the charts. Let us take a look at the best moments of Monica Geller from friends.

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  1. The funniest Monica moment is in S06E15: The One That Could Have Been where fat Monica dances while eating a donut.Monica Geller from friends

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  2. Going over to Ross’s date’s apartment and offering to clean it because she couldn’t sleep thinking how messy it was is hilarious.
  3. We all know no one can bust a move like Monica, so let’s be honest: If she showed up on your doorstep dancing with a turkey on her head, you’d pull a Chandler and tell her you loved her, too.Monica Geller from friends
  4. The way she exclaimed when Rachel said “transponster” is just adorable! If you had been watching Friends since the beginning, you likely had the same reaction. Sure, some of us still may not know what Chandler’s job is, but we do all know that “transponster” has never been a word.Monica Geller from friendsRelated: 13 Most Cry-Worthy Moments On FRIENDS TV Show
  5. Remember this dialogue- “Ross married Rachel in Vegas and got divorced AGAIN”? The “AGAIN” alone is enough to crack me up every time.Monica Geller from friends

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  6. The Routine- Flawlessly executed via scary determination, no moment (in life or on television) has ever embodied the essence of Monica more than this one.Monica Geller from friends
  7. When she explained Chandler how to please a woman. Friends fans’ minds definitely go somewhere else on hearing the number “seven”.Monica Geller from friends
  8. Through the Thanksgiving Trifle Fake-Out we know that love means never having to say one’s trifle tastes like feet — which is how we know just how much Monica loves Rachel.Monica Geller from friends

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So, which of the above moments of Monica Geller from friends is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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