Prison Break Seasons Ranking: Best Prison Break Seasons You Should Be Watching


Prison Break is an American television drama series that telecasted on Fox for four seasons and the fifth season in the year 2017. The story is about two brothers of which one has been given a death sentence for a crime he did not commit and the other brother breaks into the prison to help his brother escape from it. All of us do have our favorite seasons when it comes to the series. Here is a list of the best prison break seasons according to the popularity among the audience.

Best Prison Break Seasons As Per Viewers’ Ratings

1. Season 1:best prison break seasons

When it comes to making a list of the best prison break seasons, nobody can deny that the first season was the best among all. The characters did an amazing job to keep audiences hooked to the television screens, and played their part convincingly and even when some of them are shown dead it was made sure they served the purpose well.

The most important entertainment factor was the storyline itself. The season showcased how the escape was planned and the prison break towards the season finale. The Plot got really shady at some points, but finally, the gang manages to run away from the Fox Prison.

2. Season 2:best prison break seasons

The second spot on this list of the best prison break seasons goes to season two. There is no doubt about it that season 2 of Prison Break was a powerful one. A competition between Michael and Alexander was seen. For surviving the quest had begun and even after escaping from the prison the struggle to remain alive was shown beautifully.

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In the beginning, out of the nine escapes three of them die, one of them manages to get witness protection, one dies during the escape and only four make it to Panama. Even after their escape from the police they still have to save themselves from the secret group called “The Company” who just wants them dead.

3. Season 4:best prison break seasons

A lot of people liked the fourth season of the series but it wasn’t as powerful as season 1 and 2. The first half of the series was boring and the second half was just alright. Kellerman returns, which was liked by many fans but instead of showing what actually happens it was merely explained.

4. Season 5:best prison break seasons

The next spot on this list of the best prison break seasons goes to season five. Viewers had a mixed reaction about this season, but most of the people didn’t like it at all. Although the beginning of the season was good, the plot went off track in the second half.

5. Season 3:best prison break seasons

Without a doubt, season 3 was the worst season of Prison Break till now, and all would agree. For most of the episodes, Sona was the central setting. The writers just somehow managed to keep the plot together, but it was way too complicated than it was required. It does show the breakout from the prison but the show lost its vigor.

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So, which one do you think deserves to be the most popular among the best prison break seasons? Let us know in the comments below.

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