Best Stranger Things Episodes Of Both Season 1 and Season 2


Stranger Things has been here for two seasons, both of which have created a huge buzz. They not only introduced the idea of the parallel world to the audience in a new way but also kept the storyline entertaining for everyone. There wasn’t even a single moment when viewers could take their eyes off of their TV screens while watching Stranger Things. Though both the seasons of Stranger Things were amazing, we have listed down below the best Stranger Things episodes telecasted ever. Take a look and share your feedback with us in the comments section.Stranger Things Episodes

The Vanishing of Will Byres:

This was one of the best Stranger Things episodes that hooked us all to the television screen. After a night out with friends Will disappears and his mother, Joyce with the rest of Hawkins are all in darkness. Something goes wrong in the U.S. Department of Energy.

The Mind Flayer:

This was one of the top-rated and best Stranger Things episodes by the fans. Bob forgets his gun and dies. A lethal event puts the Hawkins lab on lockdown and Will with many others is trapped.

The Bathtub:

The government is searching for Eleven who is a mysterious girl and has eleven tattoos. She joins the search for Will and other children in Upside Down. Many new Stranger Things characters meet each other like Joyce and Eleven.

The Upside Down:

This episode had many important scenes of the series like Nancy and Jonathan get ready to fight the monster to save Will, Hopper and Joyce are taken for inquiry. This was also an episode filled with emotions as Hopper remembers his daughter and his loss.

The Monster:

The performance given by the actors in this episode was phenomenal. Eleven uses her power to save Dustin and Mike from Bullies. Joyce and Hopper come to know what’s going on In the Lab and most of the things about the experiment. The action throughout this episode keeps you engaged the whole time.

The Gate:

This was also the season finale of the second season. The survivors make a plan to fight against the monsters that have made Will there captive. The Snow Ball and the last look at the Mind Flayer gives you chill and were the high point of the show. Eleven decides to finish what she had started.

The Spy: Ranked First On The Best Stranger Things Episodes List

This was a highly entertaining episode, and we get a lot of answers as to what is the relation between Will and Upside Down. Dustin and Steve give an amazing performance. The episode writing is good and Steve’s character grows as he shows his selfless nature.

Holly, Jolly:

We see that Joyce is now sure that Will is trying to talk to him through Christmas lights. We see Barb for the last time. As Nancy is on a lookout for Barb she finds out what Jonathan had been up to.

Trick or Treat, Freak:

Nancy is struggling to know the truth about Barb. This was a Halloween episode. Will sees something really horrible and terrifying.

The Pollywog:

Dustin’s new friend has come who is strange and we get to know why as the show proceeds. Bob encourages Will to stand up against his fears. This was indeed one of the best Stranger things episodes ever.

Stranger Things Episodes

No matter how many top Hollywood TV shows keep hitting screens every year, the unique concept of Stranger Things puts it on the front line. All the episodes telecasted until now contributed towards making this show a success story in one way or another. Now it’s your turn to choose your favorite among these best Stranger Things episodes?

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