Big Bang Theory Actor Simon Helberg And Wife Protest Trump’s Refugee Ban


Most of actors and actresses who accepted trophies at the 2017 SAG Awards made a mention of Donald Trump’s latest executive order. The Screen Actor’s Guild awards were one of the most politically charged events as several actors and actresses rushed to condemnTrump’s decision to halt all immigration from Muslim countries. Trump’s refugee ban has led to a huge backlash over the past few days.

Trump’s Refugee BanThe Big Bang Theory star, Simon Helberg also made his opinion on Trump’s order as clear as possible without even saying a word. Wearing a velvet dinner jacket, Helberg carried a small sign that read, “Refugees Welcome.” Meanwhile, Towne was seen dressed in a white strapless gown with the words “LET THEM IN” written above her chest. It seems like the couple decided to use their red carpet appearance at the SAG Awards in Los Angeles as a mark of protest against the new policy. It has created a stir across Instagram, Twitter and the Internet at large. Also, Helberg has repeatedly spoken out against the Trump administration on social media.

Trump’s Refugee BanTowne and Helberg join the long list of celebrities who have spoken out against the order. At the ceremony, other celebs spoke out too. British actor Dev Patel said the ban was “divisive” and “horrible.” Julia Louis-Dreyfus said- “I want you all to know, I am the daughter of an immigrant. My father fled Religious persecution in Nazi-occupied France. I’m an American patriot, and I love this country, and because I love this country, I am horrified by its blemishes.This immigrant ban is a blemish, and it is un-American.” During a speech, Ashton Kutcher appealed to the masses affected by the ban. “You’re a part of the fabric of who we are, and we love you and welcome you,” he said.

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So what do you think of celebs denouncing Trump’s refugee ban like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. If these so called Americans want these refugees let them live at there mansion .support them .feed money.and fi d them a job. Maybe acting becaus God knows you don’t need any skills. Then when they produce for society. They become citizens

  2. Simon Helberg is a telantless hack. He has to do this to get some attention, because he knows when Big bang theory ends he’s never going to find another job again. If I ever run into him, im going to punch his Big nosed face in.