The Big Bang Theory plot holes and unnoticed mistakes


For the writers of any famous T.V series, it’s likely they’re going to lose track of some of the major and minor events that have happened in the past to the star characters, especially when the show last for quite a large number of seasons. The Big Bang Theory has a number of recurring gags that make a lot of situations funny and memorable. With The Big Bang Theory now advancing into a large number of episodes, it seems, like the geekiest show on TV is full of annoying errors. Here are a few unnoticed mistakes on TBBT. Let us take a look at The Big Bang Theory plot holes.

  1. In Season 5 Episode 7, Stuart congratulates Leonard for being the first person to pick up a girl at Stuart’s comic book store. However, Stuart himself picked up Penny in the comic book store in season 2.The Big Bang Theory plot holes
  2. In ‘The Nerdvana Annihilation’ in Season 1, when the gang buys the time machine, Leonard says the lift has been broken for two years. But then in The Staircase Implementation in season 3, it is established that Leonard’s failed experiment blew up and broke the elevator seven years ago. Later on, in the show, Howard also tries to figure out what is wrong with the lift and then ultimately gives up. Why would he do that considering he was already present when Leonard blew up the lift?The Big Bang Theory plot holes
  3. In Season 1 Episode 4, Sheldon gave a complicated explanation of what he did with his life past fifth grade, which combined would make him 23 at that time. However, in Season 5 Episode 15, Leonard stated that Sheldon was 30.
  4. Leonard claims that he has asthma. When the girls are off to Vegas and the boys are excited for a night of Dungeons and Dragons, they shout “The Dungeon of Mofooskay-Heiko!” thrice in excitement and even that causes Leonard to take a drag from his inhaler. But he never once uses his inhaler while going up the four flight of stairs in his apartment.
  5. Sheldon is said to be allergic to cats early on the show but then goes on to adopt cats in The Zazzy Substitution. In the episode, The Zazzy Substitution, Sheldon adopts six cats – Dr. Robert Oppenheimer,  Enrico Fermi, Richard Feynman, Edward Teller, Otto Frisch, and Zazzles.The Big Bang Theory plot holes
  6. In Season 2 of The Big Bang Theory, when Leonard is dating Stephanie; Sheldon, Raj, and Leonard discuss his relationship with Kim Joyce. They mentioned that their relationship lasted 27 days. In the Season 3 episode, The Staircase Implementation, it is shown that Leonard slept with Kim within 12 hours of meeting her.
  7. Sheldon’s weight fluctuates without him actually changing his body size. When driving with Penny to the grocery store in “The Luminous Fish Effect” episode, he states he is 140 lbs, but in “The Porkchop Indeterminacy”, he tells Missy that he weighs 165 lbs yet with that 25 lb gain his body is exactly the same. This isn’t possible because there would a significant change in his body if he were to gain 25lbs.

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So what do you think of these ‘The Big Bang Theory plot holes’? Did you notice some of these mistakes in The Big Bang Theory before? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. In one episode Sheldon explains why he always knocks three times and early on he only knocked once on Penny’s door. There are so many things that puzzles me. They say they’re so smart, you’d think Sheldon would know the paint used to illuminate the arrows to escape the apartment in a fire was highly carcinogenic. The one that bothered me most from the beginning was when Leonard had to try to get Sheldon out of the ball pit. Leonard kept diving to where Sheldon was and not where he was going.

  2. […] „Cinemaprobe“ ist mehreren Logikfehlern bei „The Big Bang Theory“ auf die Schliche gekommen. Zunächst behauptet Sheldon Cooper in einer Folge, allergisch gegen Katzen zu sein. Aber in einer andren Folge, als der Wissenschaftler seinen Job verliert, adoptiert er wiederum ganze sechs Katzen! In dieser Episode scheint Cooper ganz plötzlich geheilt zu sein. Oder haben die Autoren einfach vergessen, dass sie in einer früheren Folge erwähnt haben, dass Sheldon eine Allergie gegen die Vierbeiner hat? Ob der frischgebackene Ehemann von Amy nun mit Katzen auskommt oder nicht, dass ist nicht so eindeutig. […]