Stranger Things Plot Holes Even The Biggest Fanatics Haven’t Noticed Yet


We all come across some or the other Hollywood TV shows which somehow go totally off track from what’s going on and don’t really relate to the main storyline leaving us with many unanswered questions in the end. Unfortunately, Stranger Things happens to be one of them. Here in this post, we have listed out 6 Stranger Things plot holes that most fans haven’t noticed. Take a look:Stranger Things Plot Holes

Hopper And The Fight- One Of The Worst Stranger Things Plot Holes:

In the last second episode, Hopper appears from somewhere and fights the three guys who went in different directions. It’s like old action movies when hero just comes in and kills all the bad guys. This is one of the biggest Stranger Things plot holes. It was not only hilarious but also there was a mistake in the writing. The question regarding such Stranger Things plot holes still remain unanswered.

Electricity Relationship:

We are not sure as to why there was electricity in the Upside Down, was it being supplied by the lab or Eleven? Throughout the first season we could see when Demogorgon or any other person that was stuck in the upside down and when he came close to the light, it just started to flicker. Seriously, what is it with horror movies or science fiction and electricity? One thing was sure that the Hawkins Lab was aware of these things. This is another one of the major Stranger Things plot holes.

How Does Will Survive?

When Will was stuck in the Upside Down for more than two weeks, there was no water or food and its air was toxic as well, so how did he survive? One of the weirdest Stranger Things plot holes, right?

Brenner’s Death:

In the first season, we see that Dr.Brenner who was behind all these strange experiments at the Hawkins Lab gets attacked by Demogorgon who breaks through the school wall. But we are not sure if he killed him, a dead body is not shown.

Other People Who Went To The Upside Down:

Nancy goes to the Upside down in search of what took Barb, also Joyce and Hopper, they went in without the protective gear, so what will happen to them? They all have been exposed to the toxic air which Dr.Brenner had warned about.

Hopper’s deal:

Hopper clearly proved to the CIA and the lab that he had a lot of information, everybody was interested to know about what was the deal made by Hopper to the CIA and Hawkins lab because they could have just killed him easily if they wanted to. Maybe there was more to it when the car came to pick him up; it pointed out to the fact that maybe he works for the government. The people from the lab must have instructed him to keep the box there.

Stranger Things Plot Holes

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So although the show is absolutely amazing and has been receiving a very positive feedback from the audiences, these were few of the plot holes from the show. What do you think of these confusing Stranger Things plot holes? Let us know in the comments below.

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