Breaking Bad Series Review: 5 Reasons Why Breaking Bad Is Overrated


As we all know that Breaking Bad is one of the most appreciated T.V series due to its unpredictable plot twists and a rich storyline. No doubt, it is amazing but many seem to think that the show is kind of overrated. In this Breaking Bad Series Review, we are going to take a look as to some of the reasons why.Breaking Bad series review

1. No matter how many times one writes Breaking Bad series review, it’s almost impossible to not mention its characters. The character of Walter White is what keeps the show running. The actor gives a memorable performance in every single episode. But do you think that only one character is enough to provide perfection in a TV show? Other characters are underdeveloped. If we consider Walter’s wife it can easily be noticed how she made his illness al about her. She did the same thing with Marie’s kleptomania. The show is filled with minor characters. What is worse, the so-called fanatics try to cling on to defending them even when it doesn’t make any sense. These characters are mainly used as devices to prove fruitful to the plot. Obviously, that’s a failed attempt!

2. Many a time, the scenes seem excessively stretched out and boring. This is especially the case with the first two seasons. The proceedings could have been quicker and they could have summed up both the seasons into one or half a season. There was nothing new that the show offered during this time apart from how Walter was trying to deal with his chemo. When Gustavo Fring was included in the series, that’s when a rich story began to take place. That is when the show stopped being just about a single character, Walter White.

3. For a long time, the story revolves around this same old format- Walt and Jesse are cooking meth or are looking for a place to do so, Jesse does something stupid leading to a mishap, Walt lashes out at him, they come up with some sort of plan, everything works out, and another fairy-tale ending! The constant repetitions sometimes make the show tedious to watch. The rest of the episode somewhat features the arguments between Walt and his wife which nobody really cares for.

4. One thing that is mandatory to be included in this Breaking Bad Series Review is that sexism is rampant on the show. All the female characters define themselves as per their male counterparts. Be it Walter’s wife or someone’s goth girlfriend, every woman is stereotypical to a great extent.

5. The show has always been misusing the character of Jesse to portray a versatility. He is in no position to be pictured as a moral guideline for the viewers after what he has gotten himself into. Giving away the drug money doesn’t turn a sidekick into a saint. These futile acts of redemption merely highlight his desperation.Breaking Bad series review

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So, what do you think about this Breaking Bad Series Review? Is Breaking Bad really overrated? Speaking of overrated shows, is there any other T.V. series that comes to your mind after reading this? Let us know in the comments below.